4/15 Black Ops at the O BackBlast

Pax: (7) Captain Insane-O, PED, Pepperoni, Fergie, Buschhhhh, Pope, Glen Ross (Q)

Conditions: cold, but dry. 39* feels like 31*

Disclaimer @ 5:30, followed by 2 minutes of stretching and waiting to see if anyone else was on their way.

Per the last minute pre-blast, this was run heavy and the plan was to cover 3 laps around the O with some mary in between.  Pace was quick for all three laps—pax was ready to run today (a lot of time in front of the TV yesterday had these guys ready to run).

We also knocked out 3 sets of 20lbcs/ 20 gas pumps/ 20 American hammers/ 20 Freddie Mercs after each lap.  With a little extra time also did a merkin suicide and ended with short lap back to the flag area for COT

Announcements: Passion Ruck Friday night, Saturday pre-convergence ruck at 5:30 and Convergence at 7am (don’t forget to click on the fish)

Intentions: Pope mentioned Tiger’s comeback and those that are battling health issues can find inspiration from yesterdays win.  Ended with moment of silence for intentions and mentioned the start of Holy Week.

For a run heavy workout, there was some solid 2rd F.  Also good to see FiA back out.


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