Backblast Long Run Park Friday 1/10/20

1/10/20 : BO @ Long Run

1. Squid

2. Uncle Sam

3. Mr Hat

4. Huggies

5. Harbaugh

6. Jitterbug

7. Skirmish

8. Flounder Q

Weather- expecting a downpour I did some map recon and found a nice size gazebo near start point.

Since I’ve never been to Long run I needed to do some map recon anyway. Due to rain forecast I decided that a Heavy under the gazebo would be nice and cozy.

Experience has taught me that when planning a Q, be ready for twice as many and half as many pax as you’re expecting at your WO. I set up for 5-10 with plans to adapt to 14. I was expecting 3-5 and 8 pax showed! Awesome!!

5 Stations, 2 exercises each station. 4 minute interval at each exercise.

Partner up and AMRAP the designated exercise, hand off to partner at failure.


1- 75 lb sandbag

-Bent Over Row/Overhead Press

2- 25lb dumbbell

Curls/Triceps extension

3- 50lb curl bar

Reverse Curls/Skull Crushers

4- 40lb Ruck

Weighted V-ups/Ruck Merkins

5- Bands

Flys/Reverse Fly

Good Mumblechatter during Heavy Workouts.

As part of my series of 10 Qs I am sharing stories of Pax who inspired or motivated me along my F3 Journey. Fitting that Mr Hat was in attendance at this workout. I had only been working out for a few weeks when I attempted to complete an Iceman Q at N Posh, boy was I stupid. After running us up and down the steep grass hill, he had us run to the lower parking lot and run some more. Of course then we had to run back up the hill to the start point. I was sucking ass the whole workout. Mr Hat stayed with me and kept encouraging me to just do my best. It was what made me realize that this group is beyond more than a workout and I’ll never forget that. The lesson I take from it I still use today. When pax are new don’t just let their friend that brought them in stay back with them. Make sure a pax they don’t Nino’s is showing them we are all there for each other.


Flounder Out

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