Backblast- The Foundry, 12/4/2019 St Aloysius Pewee Valley 212 Mt Mercy Dr, Pewee Valley, KY 40056

Pax- Dauber, Alexa, Pelican, Flip Flop, Leprechaun, Rocky, Brown Water, Crock Pot, Flounder Q

Weather- really cold

After explaining stations pax mumblechatter about why no warmup. I agreed that being so cold a little cardio warmup- 101 SSH! Now mumblechatter about why so much warmup. Geez, tough crowd.

Thang 1

Partner up for station work, 2 exercises per station, 4 minute interval, rotate with partner as needed. Got the music going let’s roll! Music crapped out after 30 seconds, pos to garbage. Star Child would have hated the technical difficulties.


1. 80lb sandbag clean and toss, alternate.

2. Bands- butterfly and reverse fly

3. ISO Dumbbell curls/triceps extensions

4. Weighted Merkins- start with 2 rucks, then 1, then none to burnout

5. Pull-ups/Dips

Thang 2

It’s important to know how you perform when you’re not fresh. I may do 60-70 Merkins fresh. This point I could only do 42.

2min each


PASU- Partner assisted sit ups, hands behind the head

Ended with Jack Webb burnout.

Prayers for all parents who have lost a child, may they find peace somehow.

Flounder out.

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