Leadership structure #PeerLead #Starfish

F3 IS a group of guys who workout together, a group who fellowship together, and who assist each other in becoming better men in their homes and communities. However, at its core, F3Louisville is a LEADERSHIP group. F3 is always peer lead! Meaning there are plenty of opportunities to serve the PAX, both inside and outside the gloom. As we set our eyes on 2020, with a vision to grow and develop a group of men who view F3Louisville as more than just a workout group. New leaders are needed to step in and lead their peers in Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith.

F3Louisville has grown exponentially in the last 18 months. Going from 3 AO’s in the summer of 2018, to now 8 AO’s with well over 30 workouts per week. Due to this rapid growth and the large geographical area which the region spans, the Leadership council has decided to split up the 1stF, 2ndF, and 3rdF Q responsibilities. One Q for the “inner city” AO’s, and One Q for the outer city AO’s. Below is a outline of the Leadership organization, showing the OPEN positions that need HIM to fill them.

PLEASE reach out to one of us on the Leadership council (Diablo, Nino, Catfish, Kilo) if you are interested in helping us carry F3Louisville into 2020!! If you have complaints, please direct all of the them to Captain Insaneo.

F3Louisville 1stF leadership

  • 1stFQ – Leadership council
    • Nino
  • 1stFQ – TheO/TheMutt/Vets/Pleasantville
    • OPEN
  • 1stFQ – Posh/County/Garden/Bayside
    • OPEN
  • Ruck Q – F3Louisville
    • OJ

F3Louisville 2rdF Leadership

  • 2rdFQ – Leadership Council
    • Diablo
  • 2rdFQ – TheO/Mutt/Vets/Pleasantville
    • OPEN
  • 2rdFQ – Posh/County/Garden/Bayside
    • OPEN

F3Louisville 3ndF Leadership

  • 3ndFQ – Leadership Council
    • Catfish
  • 3ndFQ – TheO/Mutt/Vets/Pleasantville
    • OPEN
  • 3ndFQ – Posh/County/Garden/Bayside
    • OPEN

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