12/13 The Chopper at the Vets Pre-Blast

Fun Fact #1: In the original lyrics to the Twelve Days of Christmas, the fourth gift was “four colly birds”.  Colly was a regional English term meaning “coal black”.  Due to the obscurity of the word, over time it has been replaced with canary birds, collie birds, colored birds, and finally our standard calling birds.

Fun Fact #2: A 1905 version of the song by Cecil J. Sharp penned the tenth gift as “ten asses racing.”  I assume he meant donkeys but I don’t know what kind of sense of humor Cecil had.

Fun Fact #3: The true cost of purchasing all 364 gifts for you true love in 2019 is $170,298.03.

Fun Fact #4 You could spend $170,298.03 on gifts for your true love, or you could come out to the Vet and do 364 exercises for FREE and get better while doing it. Who knows, you may even see 10 asses running.

~Plumb Bob~

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