Backblast The Tank @Vets Park 11/30/2019

Pax- Meatball, Atlas, PK, Johnny on the Pot, Snowday, Drysdale, Flounder-Q

Weather- Colder than I like.

7 Pax assembled for a surprise run heavy WO!


63 SSH

2min APFT AMRAP Merkins and Partner assisted BBSU


Merkins- only perfect form Merkins count, after fatigue continue reps on knees but do not stop!

BBSU- hands must be behind head, rest in up position only. Continue with LBC after complete muscle failure.

Thang 1

Instruction- 1 whistle blow sprint as hard as possible as long as possible; on 2 whistle blow slow jog to catch breath, walking discouraged.

Mosey to parking lot, well about 20 yards before 1st whistle. 30 full minutes of interval run, then mosey back to SP the long way. Last sprint up the hill to the Chopper! Pax completed 3.6 miles so now we know a 5K should be cake!

Thang 2

Announcement- next set 1000 Merkins with a 4 minute time limit 😳. Luckily PK read the PreBlast and notified pax that there would be a team component. Drysdale has to get home to powder his unmentionables. That left 6 pax to complete 1000 Merkins GO! Max effort pushed them out in 6 minutes. I kind of exaggerated the time hack, we had 7 minutes left. They finished so quickly we had time for some Hold Merkins. On down hold at 1″ from the ground until up command is given. We only got to 4 but we were holding for 15 sec each, it felt like longer.

COT- Recognize that pax may be going through a difficult time but still may not want to or more likely, find it very hard to share. I am one of those but I don’t have to share to leave the workout knowing that I have the support of everyone there with me that day, and everyone I’ve posted with, ever. THAT is enough to keep me going, giving me that extra little push throughout the day that I need to remain positive. Until the next…..

Flounder out.

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