2/9 Hurt back blast- Soup Sandwich with Snowman

I hear Snowman has the Q, surely there won’t be any running. Unfortunately for everyone I decided to borrow Methane’s “soup sandwich” for the Indian BO last weekend.

Conditions: 19 but dry

A few of the pax had done a pre workout run and were finishing up just as Geppetto is strolling up. I say the disclaimer and mosey around the school. I don’t think anyone expected much running at a Snowman Q.

Thing 1: COP with SSH, Imperial Walkers, grass grabbers and runners stretches. Then we moseyed to grab a coupon and head back to the parking lot.

Thing 2: line up at the end of the school and run to the cones and back. The cones are about 30 yards away, making a 60 yard turn.

The catch, we start with 10 back and forth runs. After the 10 laps, we plank for the 6 then do an exercise. Then, we do 9 laps, plank, followed by an exercise. The pattern repeats: decreasing flaps followed by increasing reps of different exercises. 5 Big Boys, 10 merkins, and so on, up to 45 shoulder taps and finish with 50 LBCs.

Using my Alabama math, i figured we wound up running about 2 miles, broken into 60 yard increments. But I could be wrong.

Thing 3: return coupons and a little Mary in the pray garden. I asked for everyone to throw out suggestions and Meatball said pickle pounders at a favorite at The Vet. We passed on his partner pickle pounder and just did individuals.

We finished with 10 merkin time bomb.

COT: COR, NOR, intentions and closing prayers.

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