The Tank BB 7/18/2018

Pax- Snowman (Q), Meatball, Cutlass, Bob Ross, Hot Wheels, Eastwood

Not having posted at the Tank since the AO was moved to the front, I arrived extra early to look for the flag that Kilo told me he had planted the night before. After a futile search around two baseball fields I resigned myself to the fact that I was in the wrong spot. As I start heading to my car to drive to the back, I see Hot Wheels pull up and pull the flag from his car. Disaster avoided.


Mosey around the parking lot

COP, all in Cadence: 25 SSH, 20 Imperial Walkers, 20 Grass Grabbers downward dog

Thing 1

Mosey to the foul line and every pax get 2 pavers and meet in the middle of the parking lot for a star fish.

1st station 10 burpees with pavers

2nd station 25 overhead presses with pavers

3rd station 25 squats with pavers

4th station 10 merkins

Do 10 cross body curls in the middle

Rinse and repeat

Thing 2

Mosey to the bottom baseball field wall for Jack Webb’s.

1st set 1 step up for 4 air presses with pavers, all the way to 10-40

2nd set 2 dips for 4 squats, all the way to 10-40

Then mosey to put up the pavers and meet in the outfield for Mary


Do 5 big boy sit ups between each set

American Hammers

Flutter kicks


Da Vinci’s

Shoulder taps

Nipplers (thanks to the board of pain for this one)

Mosey to the flag for COR, NOR, announcements, intentions (Vince, Abacus’ wife, Hot Wheels co-worker. Close it out with words and thanks for the strength to get up and do this.


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