January Ruck- 1/22/202- Big 4 Bridge Star Course

Big Four Bridge lights system broken during Louisville storm

It’s finally 2021, so let’s begin to look forward and longer speak of the “Year That Shall Not Be Named.”  The best way to get this year off to a rucking good start is the commencement of the regular scheduled Monthly Rucks.

To start the year off we will be doing a 12 Mile Star Course around Metro Louisville.  Normal GoRuck Star Course rules will apply.  See the end of the blast for the complete rules. 


  • Date: Friday January 22, 2021
  • Waypoints will be given at 19:00 SHARP.  That’s 7:00PM for you non military people.
  • However you will need to arrive early for announcements, stretching, and pre-event activities.  The REAL start time is 18:45 (6:45PM)
  • Startex and Endex is the Kentucky side of the Big Four Bridge
  • Approximately 12 Miles
  • Teams of 2-5 (We will divide into teams at random at Startex)
  • 10 or 20 lb Ruck Plate on your back depending on your body weight
  • 5 hours to complete
  • Join the #jan-2021-star-course page on Slack for announcements and chatter


Imagine the man you would be without your wife?  If you’re anything like me, it’s a scary thought.  Wife, Mother, Nurse, Teacher, Cook, and Housekeeper; she pretty much does it all.  What do we do? Mow the lawn, kill spiders, and workout a few times a week so we can be the ideal trophy husband.       

As most, if not all, of you know we have a couple of men in our ranks whose wives are battling cancer, OJ and Whitney.  In honor of these brave women we are dedicating this ruck to them and all the other wives, moms, sisters, daughters, aunts, and other brave women who have battled cancer.  We will be collecting money for Hope Scarves, a local non-profit that collects scarves for patients undergoing chemo treatment as well as helping fund research in the fight for the cure of cancer.  F3 Louisville has helped with this charity in the past, most notably during the Derby Marathon/mini-marathon as part of Hope Scarves’ Outrunning Cancer Campaign.  Abacus and Old Bay’s wives have in the past been recipients of scarves from Hope Scarves. 

Friendly suggestion: To help honor these brave women, we are asking everyone to either wear a head scarf or doo rag during the ruck. Again, this is a suggestion and not a requirement.    

We are asking everyone that participates in this month’s ruck to donate at least $20 to this cause by using the following PayPal link.  Even if you’re not participating, we’ll still take your donations.



You and your team show up at the Start Point. You will be issued a list of waypoints. The route you and your team choose will be your own, so choose wisely. The minimum distance possible will be approximately12 miles.

At each waypoint, you’ll be responsible for posting a picture of your team on the #jan-2021-star-course Slack page.

NOTE: This is not a Cadre-led event and there are no push-ups or smoke sessions.


  • The course will be approximately 12 miles. You and your team can hit the waypoints in whatever order you want (good strategy helps).
  • If and only if the rest of your team withdraws or drops for whatever reason, you can continue solo.  If this happens, we recommend you link up with another team if possible (you’ll still have to post your own pics) to make it more fun as a shared experience. To be clear, though: you have to hit all the waypoints under the time hack.
  • Weight Standard: If you are under 150 lbs, carry a 10 lb weight and if you are over 150 lbs, carry 20 lbs. Each participant will have a 10 or 20 lb Ruck Plate (or equivalent in non-consumable weight) in their rucksack at the start point. GORUCK Cadre will verify weight at the end of the event and spot check as needed.
  • Keep your Ruck Plate (or equivalent) per participant with you at all times. You may cross load with your buddy/team members as desired.
  • You are required to text a selfie with you and your teammate(s) in the picture at each of the waypoints listed on your waypoint sheet (which you’ll receive at the Start Point).
  • Purchasing food along your route at any time is authorized.
  • Meeting outside individuals is allowed (re-supply etc.). They may not physically aid or assist your movement in any way, honor code in effect.
  • No method of transportation is authorized except rucking.
  • Follow any additional instructions or rules written on your waypoint sheet.
  • Obey all traffic laws (and all the other laws, too) while participating.
  • Call 911 with any real world emergency. We will provide a phone number on your waypoint sheet for support questions.. 

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