Back Blast “Back to Q School” 6-Aug-2019 Tuesday #Loco at #theCounty 0530 Crock Pot Q

Welcome to Q School at the Loco. This is F3. The first F is fitness, the physical training of your body. This is referred to as the magnet that attracts new recruits into the group. The second F is fellowship, the glue used to bond us together in community together. The third F is faith, your belief in something bigger than yourself. This is the dynamite, which makes a difference in yourself and in your community. It solidifies your standing as someone to serve others, not belief that the world revolves around you to serve you.
The mission of F3 is to plant, serve, and grow men’s small workout groups to reinvigorate male community leadership. We start with fitness, but fitness is merely a vehicle used to drive to the destination of you becoming a leader to yourself, your family, your workplace, your community, and this world.
I’m Crock Pot. I was HL’ed by Cowboy in October of 2018. Cowboy was previously my next door neighbor, sporadic morning workout partner, and who currently is becoming one of my most trusted friends. I am an engineer for a company that designs huge boilers for combined cycle power plants. When I shared this in my inaugural Circle of Trust, I wasn’t surprised to hear “boilermaker” come up as a possible nickname. Diablo (Q on my FNG day) vetoed this in favor of seeking out the tiniest and tamest version a boiler the PAX could identify. Thus, I am now known in the gloom as Crock Pot. Much to Diablo’s chagrin, I still maintain that Crock Pot is a better nickname than ‘Bubbles.’ Perhaps he took it easy on me. I digress. I was just passed the torch of Site Q leadership by Fungi, and strive to continue to accelerate the F3 principles at the County.
This week at every single workout around the region the respective Site Q’s will take the steering wheel of their specific workout to give the PAX a detailed breakdown of F3. They will also do a live demonstration (with explanations) of the best practices for how to Q an effective workout.
What is a Site Q you ask? A Site Q is the person in charge of coordinating a given workout at a specific AO (Area of Operation). The Site Q doesn’t lead all the workouts, rather they schedule, equip, and support the Q’s who lead at that workout. They post updates, attendance, brings the flag (the visual representation of where we meet), and writes reviews on Slack and social media. Put simply, the Site Q is the main point of contact for a specific workout. They support the Q and support the PAX.
The County (St. Aloysius Parish/School) has 4 Site Q’s. Crock Pot is the Site Q for the Tuesday 05:30 workout called the Loco, which meets at the rear lot basketball area. Alexa is the Site Q for the Wednesday 05:30 Heavy workout called the Foundry, which meets at the playground. Mama’s Boy is the Site Q for the Thursday 05:30 workout called the Agony, which meets at the rear lot basketball area. Last but not least, Big Bird is the Site Q for the Saturday 07:00 workout called the Nest, which meets at the rear lot basketball area.
Perhaps the most important job of the Site Q is to “pick up the 6.” Inevitably, when the PAX get moving, there will be someone at the back. It is the Site Q’s job to make sure this PAX is not dropped from the group. The Site Q will join, push, and encourage the 6. The reason for this is the F3 Credo:
“Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you found them.”
We won’t leave a PAX member out. We won’t leave a PAX member behind. But we won’t water down the workout for them either. Instead, we will push them to be better versions of themselves, so they leave better than they arrived. The 6 is the reason we are here. Yesterday’s 6 is today’s PAX. Today’s PAX is tomorrow’s Q.
Let’s dive into the workout.
PAX: 17
Mama’s Boy
Bulletin (R)
Jolly Rancher
Dutch Oven
Captain Crunchberry
Crock Pot (Q)
Weather: 70 deg F, 82% RH. Just a tease of wind was in the air, but certainly not steady enough to keep the flag in constant motion.
YHC is not a professional, nor has he received any certification or training. Everything Q says is merely a suggestion. You are here voluntarily on your own free will. You are encouraged to modify each and every movement as necessary.
YHC noted that a detailed disclaimer, complete with verbal confirmation is important for several reasons. From a liability perspective, it informs and disclaims what a PAX shall expect in the workout. It also encourages everyone, new guy and veteran alike, to modify everything as required for your ability, disability, injury, fitness level, etc. This is ultimately each PAX’s own responsibility. This workout is NOT you vs. me. It IS you vs. you.
After the disclaimer and explanation of the importance of disclaimer, we broke off into a mosey around the main parking lot islands. We circled near the southwest island.
Warm Up:
Q’s intent was to mix instruction with live demonstration and information.
Q explained “How to Count” per instruction by Dredd (Google “Dredd How to Count”, Read “Freed to Lead”, or peruse The commands [and PAX responses/actions] are as follows:
1st Command: “The Next Exercise is” [Pause] “The Side Straddle Hop” [Repeated by PAX to confirm understanding].
2nd Command: “Starting Position” [Pause] “Move” [PAX move into the starting position].
3rd Command: Q indicates the ‘count’ (e.g. – In Cadence, Single Count, 10 count, etc.), [Pause] “Exercise” [Begin the first move of the exercise]
Side Straddle Hops (IC): x15
Upon completion of first exercise, Q emphasized the deliberate change of vocal command during the last rep of the exercise. This should be clear in order to keep the PAX together.
Between warm up exercises Q asked for PAX participation in naming the F3 Five Core Principles.
CP: Workouts are open to all men.
Abe Vigodas (IC): x10
CP: Workouts are peer led, in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification needed.
Grass Grabbers (IC): x10
CP: Workouts are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold.
Merkins (SC): x15
CP: Workouts are free of charge.
Copperhead Squats (IC): x15
CP: Workouts end with a Circle of Trust
Toy Soldier (IC): x10
Main Thang:
3-Man Weave. We grouped in 3’s. At the far station, one PAX would do AMRAP plank jacks until tagged by a partner. One PAX would (in a rotating fashion) be running between far and near station. At the near station, one PAX would be working toward a team cumulative goal of:
100 Merkins
200 Squats
300 LBC’s
Members rotate such that each member does all the stations.
PAX were instructed, when complete, to find another team and help them with their cumulative totals.
Secondary Thang:
11’s. At the near station, PAX did 10 burpees. At the far station, PAX did one Big Boy Sit Up. The next round was 9 burpees / 2 BBSU. The third round was 8 burpees / 3 BBSU. This continues until the final round of 1 burpee / 10 BBSU.
Side note: A good Q manages time effectively. The secondary thang was halted in order to transition to Mary.
YHC wanted to temporarily pass the Q to PAX members who had not yet Q’ed a workout. We circled up, hit our six, and each PAX who has never Q’ed a workout, set up, called the cadence, and completed 10 reps of the following exercises:
Gump – Box Cutters (IC): x10
Peach – Pickle Pounders (IC): x10
Dauber – Freddy Mercury (IC): x10
Goooooalll – LBC (IC): x10
Dutch Oven – Saturday Nights (SC): x10
Captain Crunchberry – Flutter Kicks (IC): x10
Uhaul – Gas Pumps (IC): x10
With 30 seconds left, we held plank until time was called.
The Circle of Trust is where we can share wins, losses, pains, gains, struggles, intentions, praise, and everything else in a trusting, confidential support structure of the other men around us. YHC used to pride himself on being able to do everything himself, depending on no one else. Let me tell you that’s a poor way to attack life. CoT gives us accountability, support, fellowship, and acceleration.
YHC noted that CoR and NoR are ways to keep track of attendance, as well as show respect to our brothers 50 years and older who get out in the gloom and hit it hard. YHC has become personal friends with Bulletin, whom received our respect during Name-o-rama today.
Announcements-The August ruck has a special 3rd F component, a school supply drive. It is that time again, and I’m confident that no matter where you live, you’re sharing a zip code with children that don’t even have the most basic supplies for their classrooms. It is just about time that kids head back to school, and several of them are without the tools to build their education. This is our chance to help. Double up, hand over extras, etc. while you’re mapping out your back to school shopping. PAX can bring school supplies to the Site Q’s (starting today) for delivery to Nino.
Fungi also reminded people of the QSource material on the site. It has leadership material helpful to the entire PAX.
Message-Several years ago I read “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch. Pausch was a college professor who had received a dire and eminent terminal diagnosis. He used his ‘last lecture’ to communicate important aphorisms, wisdom, and anecdotes.
Years later, one of the things I still recall from the book was his concept of ‘head fakes’ to illustrate indirect learning. For example, parents want their kids to play sports, not because they’ll play in ‘the league’, but because it’s a head fake that uses the vehicle of sport to teach communication, teamwork, perseverance, and achievement.
Similarly, F3 is a head fake.
It’s not about fitness, it’s about leadership.
Intentions- We prayed for healing of several PAX who are on the disabled list for injuries of various degrees. We also prayed for the victims, families, and loved ones of the tragic shootings in El Paso and Dayton. Lastly, we thanked the SkyQ for the blessings he’s given us, and we asked his work in our lives so we can be that type of blessing to those around us.
NakedMan Moleskin: One thing I forgot to mention during the workout today is that despite the fact that I’ve been the Loco Site Q for less than a month, I am already making plans to replicate it. Leaders equip other leaders. I’ve benefited from it, and I’m looking to be that influence on others. I’m already looking for PAX who are interested in learning more and eventually becoming the next iteration of Site Q(s). As of now you’ve already been given permission. If you’re reading this far in the back blast, perhaps you are the one. I will help. You’ve been Freed to Lead.
Until next meal,
Crock Pot

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