BB: The Max 05/18 & The Incubator 05/20 & the mystery of the lost phone.

It was a good Q break for me.. I’ve been on vacation/ out of commission for a few weeks.  I have made it a personal goal to do a little “longer” running through the week.  Many F3 workouts generally stay .5 miles or less on a stint of running.  So, the saturday Q at bayside I decided to work on some longer runs.

5/18 Glauc Q    PAX: Shuttlecock, Charlois, Birdie

Long mosey around the school then back to the front for COT

  1. Hillbilly walkers 2) plank streching 3) hamstring stretching 3) SSH (IC)

I had noticed the gates to the Baseball field were open… and considering its the most lit time of the year to post and we could see what we were doing, I decided to mosey over to the basebally field for thing 1.

Bleachers Thang 1 = 10 merkins run into bleachers , up steps , down steps, up (other) steps, down (other) steps, exit bleachers, do 10 Jumping squats. Repeat x 4 ..

Mosey around the baseball field. (from homeplate/ following warning track/ back to start)

Ab o Rama

Mosey the rest of the workout.  we went from baseball fields to football field.. then back along a new cut through road , then back to the flag..

I think to total for the workout was 2.5 miles for the workout.. it was a nice morning!

05/20/19 : Glauc Q * The Incubator

PAX:  Bob Ross, Ice Man , Retainer, Lady Bird, Jitterbug, Mr. Kotter, Pew Pew, Grandpa Bear, Fanny Pack, Gypsy

Man it felt good.. 60 degress. a little foggy.. Perfect ITG.

Mosey 2 laps around parking lot then over to normal COT area.

COT: Hillbilly walkers (12IC), 3 Burpees,  Plank Stretching (into twerkins), 3 burpees, hamstring calf stretch, 3 burpees, SSH (20 IC) , 3 burpees .  (In writing this, I almost forgot about the burpees. ha

Thang 1:

every one had coupons.. 1:4 ratio to 10:40:  Curls (with coupon) to mountain climbers (inclined on coupon)

Thang 2:

Mosey the egg lawn with 3 separate stops along the way

1) 10:40 , merkins: shoulder taps

2) 10:40,  jumping bean squats: curtsy lunge

3) 10:40 Big Boi : LBC

Back to coups (where I discovered my phone that I thought had left there was not there.. da da ddaaaaaaa)  Ice been the HIM he is said “ill go run around the egg lawn again, and look for at at the places we stopped.”  so off he went.    We proceed.

10 : 40…  deep merkins (with each hand on coup about shoulder width apart): mountain climbers. (ice not back)

Liked the deep merkins so much, we did 10 more with a hold in the down on the 10 (for a ten count ) then back up.. Ice man still not back.

Mosey to portico with picnic tables .. and i stole this next part from methane

10 box jumps , 10 dips, 10 derkins ( repeat x 3 )

Ab o Rama:  with an extra 40 fredie mercuries (IC)  (Ice was finally back)

I thought ice was messing with me when he said he did not find my phone.. he was not messing with me.. i was beginning to get worried.

COT:  announcements/ intentions.. onto phone search..

when… suddenly the old man the trolls/ walks the egg lawn popped up as we were leaving asking if someone lost a cell phone?   haha.. I am not sure why the man picked up the phone and proceeded to move it about 40 yards to an electrical box that would have been found by no one.. but he did.. and fortunately he was there to guide us where he put it.   phone mystery solved.. Ice got a few more steps in..

Glauc OUT!

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