BB Glauc Q @ bayside… music generator is back!

Man, it was great to wake up and not see it pouring down rain.  I had planned my weinke on the fact it was going to be pouring.  Not only was it not pouring rain, the pavement was even dry…

Glauc Q…

PAX:  Charlois, Decaf, Gilly, Shuttlecock, Fanny Pack

mosey around parking lot to coupon area

COP:  20 SSH IC,  5 Burpees (OYO), Plank stretching into 5 twerkins, arm stretchs/ circles,  jamal murray’s..

Everyone had one coupon and one mini coupon (brick paver)

Thang 1: “Ride” Twenty one pilots .  7 curls with coupon  mosey about 25 yards and perform 7 t clap merkins.  rinse and repeat the entire song.

30 second intervals with mini coupon.  merkin rows R, merkin rows L, lbcs.. rinse and repeat x 1 other time

Thang 2:  “Cheap Thrills” Sia feat Sean Paul.  7 Thrusters with coupon mosey same mosey and peform 7 jumping bean squats.  rinse and repeat the entire song.

30 sec intervals.. same as above except only did one round of merkin rows and did 2 30 sec intervals of LBC.

Thang 3:  “I like It” Cardi B.   5 squats with front press (with coupon)  mosey same mosey 7 SSH IC (on your own ) rinse and repeat the entire song.

30 sec intervals.  merkin rows R, merkin rows L, lbcs.  rinse and repeated..

take two mosey trips around the parking lot with an AYG along a 25 yard stretch..

Thang 4: Classic Jack Webb (merkins/ air raises) with a twist.. Merkins were done in between coupons to get a little deeper and on the air raises, you alternated with the person across from you who had the mini coupons.  for example.. all pax do 1 merkin, on the 4, all did together; however, 1/2 of the pax had mini pavers and 1/2 did not.  Then they would switching on the 8 count of air presses. This was a burner


It was great to be out ITG!

Glauc OUT

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