Back Blast – Agony @ The County – 06/20/2019

Strolled into the lot with a few of the PAX already gathered – and it was good to see the numbers continue to grow as we approached 5:30am.

Near perfect – humid, but no rain and that’s all you can ask for.

Pew Pew
Big Bird
My Pleasure
Red Card
Scratch n Dent
Speed Bump
Jolly Rancher – Q

Announcements made and we set out for a mosey from the back to the front of the church for some COP.

SSH – 20x
Grass Grabbers – 20x
SSH – 20x
Runners Stretches
SSH – 20x
Toy Soldiers – 20x
SSH – 20x
Bat Wings – 40x

After COP, we set out for another mosey to the back of the church to the coupon cache.  After grabbing the goods, we went to the large parking lot in the back and everyone partnered up for Thang 1 – except with odd numbers I went solo as the Q.

Thang 1:
Weighted Merkins – PAX 1 loaded up PAX 2 with a coupon on their back and they completed merkins to failure and then continued to failure without the coupon.  Switch PAX and rinse and repeat.

Partner Shrugs – PAX 1 started out in a plank and PAX 2 grabbed the ankles of PAX 1 – facing outward or inward – and completed 10 shrugs.  Switch PAX and rinse and repeat.  Note: We are all comfortable men as we all faced inward towards our fellow PAX.

Farmer Carries – PAX 1 grabbed two coupons and went to the opposite side of the partner lot and came back while PAX 2 completed LBCs.  Switch PAX and rinse and repeat.

We did two rounds of the Thang 1.

Thang 2:
Introduced the PAX to the Quarter Pounder.  First time I’ve heard of this one so thought we’d give it a shot.  PAX all lined up on one end of the parking lot and we sprinted to the other end and performed an exercise.  Then we did Bernie Sanders on the way back to the beginning.

First:  Sprint down to island, 25 merkins, Bernie back.

Second:  Sprint down to second island, 50 squats, Bernie back.

Third:  Sprint down to second island and double back to first island, 75 mountain climbers, Bernie back.

Fourth:  Sprint down to second island and double back to beginning, 100 SSH, Bernie back.

We had to call time to return the coupons, but I believe there may have been some PAX in the fourth quarter.

No workout is complete without a little Mary – although I can’t remember exactly what we did except Weezey Jeffersons and Gas Pumps.


I reminded the PAX that today would be a great day and that we should all seize the day – make it yours.

Jolly Rancher out.


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