BB: 2 years of Poshiness


When I think about some of the most influential times/ people/ places etc. in my life, The parklands and the posh are right up there at the top.  The positive influence that F3 has had on my life (and the life of so many) is all because this AO was formed  2 years ago.  From this AO starting, we now have 5 branches off that original root.  North Posh, County, St. Pats, Vets and Bayside have all come off the Parklands AO .  Of course none of this would be possible without @brockramser getting F3 started in Louisville at the “O”.  The leap to the parklands can be credited largely to @f3starchild and Methane.  I’ll never forget the first post 07/12/2017.. it was a great experience and only continues to get better.  ok… done with the mushy stuff.

PAX: Iceman, holla, skermish, lady bird, speed bump, jitterbug, woo!!, fanny pack, rhythm, bob ross, nugget, franz, mcafee, airball, kilo, starchild, face, dynomyte, maxi, CI, viking, huggies, sandtrap, seabiscuit, cowboy, deep dish

Co-Q:  Meth and Glauc

Conditions:  it felt like 95 degress… it was muggy

Stared with a Mosy around the parking lot then back to flag for COT:

  1. Hillbilly walkers (12 IC) 2. Grass Grabbers (10 IC) right side  3) Grass Grabbers (10 IC) Left side  4) SSH  (20 IC)  5) Plank stretching 6) 15 Hand Release (T ) Merkins IC

Counted off into 2 groups

Group 1 (Glauc): Went to the bridge for 7’s.   In honor of the first workout @ the posh.. All exercises should equal 7.  Started @ the bottom of the bridge with 1 Mexcan jumping squat run to the top of the bridge and perform 6 burpees.  back down to the bottom of the bridge for 2 jumping squats and back up for 5 burpees.. on and on. until completed (7 jumping squats and 1 burpee)   After complete HIM’s paired up and did ace/gary (one person doing big boi, the other holding ankles in plank) and would alternate after 30 until time was up..

Group 2 (Methane) The weave:  PAX divided into 3 groups.  Group 1 and group 2 were spaced about 50 feet away doing separate exercises.  Group 3 Mario’d between the groups to “relieve” the PAX from that exercise.. and the weave begins.  Exercises @ the stationary points were AMRAP.  Overall did three rounds..  Round 1:  Merkins and American Hammers  Round 2:Burpees and Davincis  Round 3: Carolina Dry Docs and LBC’s

After 12 minutes @ the bridge and weave , the groups switched…

After each group completed both rounds, we mosey back to the flag.

100 SSH (IC)  A starchild signature.  With him in attendance, it had to be done.  We are thankful (not really) for that signature starchild Q exercise..

Glauc O rama to finish out..

It was great to have @f3starchild and @benkiloclark out at the posh. They have been so instrumental in the growth.. love those HIM’s and all my F3 brothers!

Glauc OUT!

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