Backblast – Black Ops @ The O – The Pax of Two

5:24 am, I am pulling down the street at Seneca, rain pinging off my windshield and I see no one. I mean NO ONE. Usually this time of day I’ll see a couple cars, maybe a walker or jogger…nope, nada, nothing. I back into my parking spot and there are literally no other cars in Seneca park. 5:25 am, I look down at my phone to check Slack, just in case I missed an important F3 cancellation message that I know is not there, but I check anyway, nope. 5:26 am, usually a couple people here by now but it’s a ghost town. 5:27 am, now I am thinking, I know my pre-blast was a little strong, but we have all worked out in worse than this…right? Hell, CI made those poor bastards run like 17 miles with coupons and he had a big crew that day. They still talk about it a year later. 5:28 am, screw it, I am here I will be the Pax of One. I am sure not going back home without working out. 5:29 am…wait, is that a…car? It is a car! They’re are stopping! Who is it?!?! I think, it’s….Big Bird! Yes, it is Big Bird! My man Big Bird showed out! If you read my pre-blast you should know, the rain wasn’t driving, it really wasn’t cold, the coupons were heavy, but we had fun! Right Big Bird?….Big Bird? Well, trust me he told me he had fun. A Pax of Two, we got this!

Q: Backdraft


COP: SSH, Hamstring Stretch, Grass Grabbers, Shoulder & Arm Stretches,  Runners Stretch.

Thang 1 Neighborhood Coupon Run – We grabbed the coupons and began our run. We stopped at the first stop sign & completed 20 coupon shoulder presses. Ran to the next stop sign and completed 20 coupon squats. Then ran to the stone bridge in the neighborhood and completed the following: 20 Derkins, 20 Push Press, 20 incline Merkins, & 20 Dips.

Thang 2 – 11’s – We finished the Neighborhood Coupon Run at the top of Cogan’s Corner Hill. The Pax of Two started at the top of the hill with 10 coupon curls then ran to the bottom for 1 Copper Head Squat. Then back to the top for 9 Coupon Curls and back to the bottom for 2 Copper Head Squats.  Rinse and repeat until 10 Copper Head Squats at the bottom and 1 Coupon Curl at the top. We then completed the coupon run by running back to the tennis courts, stopping halfway for 20 Coupon Merkins.

Thang 3 – Mary – The Pax of Two finished with Mary. 10 count American Hammer, 15 count Knee’s to Chest Crunches, 45 second plank and runners stretch, 20 count Peter Parker’s. Mosey back to the imaginary flag.

HCOMT (Half Circle of Manly Trust): Big Bird asked me to remind everyone about the Date with your M back blast challenge. He put it on Slack last week. Basically, take your M on a date and write a back blast about it. No need to share it with anyone, maybe her if you’re brave. It’s a reminder for all of us to never take those special people in our lives for granted. The Pax of Two thanked the Sky Q for our blessings. A huge shout out to Big Bird for coming out on such a crummy morning! It literally wouldn’t have been the same without you! Backdraft Out.

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