This picture of 2.0 Ryan is irrelevant to the WO.  But I love it so I’m sharing it with you.

surprise!!!!  It rained this morning in the gloom.  YHC made a promise to keep us under the gazebos.  Success!!  Vets has plenty of cover if you’re afraid of posting in the rain.  Cold and wet is no fun.  See my AAR from GORUCK Nashville for reference.  PTSD still strong from that one.  Arrived to the park early to arrange picnic tables for the pax to be able to do abyss merkins.  I arranged for 12 abyss positions under the gazebo, wouldn’t ya know we had 11 pax post!  That’s how it usually works out for me, perfect!


Kilo, worm, HotWheels, meatball, gangplank, chapo, tony malito, tool time, Mcafee, flounder, launchpad


put your rucks on and let’s get after this set!


This is what we did.  All while wearing a ruck.




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