08-14-19 – The Inagural Heavy Blender @ The Mutt

Geppetto has been talking about bringing a weight based workout to The Mutt for some time. We finally made it happen on Wednesday. Geppetto has put a lot of work in on this project. Actually, I think he has worked harder on this than he has his real job! For proof, just ask him about the automatic lights in his office. I helped him a little with some of the DIY weights and sleds that we are now using, but he did the lion’s share of the work. I guess that’s one of the many things I love about F3. An idea was formed, we put it into action, and there were no road blocks in making it happen. Cornbread was able to help us procure storage space under the multipurpose building which is great because we won’t have to carry all of the equipment around in our car’s or truck’s. Worm and the HIM’s from The Vet have given us some great ideas on how to run the workout and different exercises to include. It has truly been a team effort to get this thing rolling. The only hitch may have been my choice of music which was 80’s Classic Rock for Lifting. I’ll admit when “Barracuda” by Heart came on my heart dropped a little. Then, Alice Cooper “No More Mr. Nice Guy” came on and I heard a collective sigh from the Pax. I’ll admit, it wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. I promise to step up my music game for my next Q and at least include some Olivia Newton-John for you guys.

Q: Backdraft

Pax: PED, Sump Pump, Peperoni, Fridge, Escort, Worm, Meatball, Diablo, Cornbread, Bushhh, Nugget, Fall Guy, Larry Flint, Ham, Glen Ross, Wham, Tureen, Plumb Bob, Old Bay, Geppetto, Zartan, Snowman

COP: Self warm up during explanations of the exercises

Thang 1: The Pax breaks into pairs and each pair moves to a weighted station. 4 minutes at each station and rotate until time runs out or we get through all stations.

Station 1 – 20 Reps per exercise

  1. Curls w/ curl bar/dumb bell/heavy coupon
  2. Front Raise

Station 2 – 20 Reps per exercise

  1. Slosh pipe front squat
  2. Slosh pipe squat

Station 3 – 20 Reps per exercise

  1. Kettle Bell Calf Raises
  2. Kettle Bell/Dumb Bell Shoulder Raise

Station 4 – 45 seconds per exercise – If more than 1 person in your group complete core exercise of your choice until partner finishes with battle ropes

  1. Battle Ropes underhand grip (Biceps)
  2. Battle Ropes overhand grip (Triceps)

Station 5 – until failure, then remove weight & continue until failure, switch with partner

  1. Weighted Merkins w/plate on back or ruck (Partner assists holding weight in place if not using ruck)

Station 6 – 20 Reps per exercise

  1. Sandbag regular squat
  2. Goblet calf raise with dumb bell or coupon

Station 7 – Push pallets to end of parking spots and back (15 Second Rest)

  1. Pallet push
  2. Pallet carry

Station 8 – 20 Reps per exercise

  1. Medicine ball slam
  2. Medicine Ball toss

Station 9 – 20 Reps per exercise

  1. Side raise
  2. Skull Crusher

Station 10 – Pull tire to the end of the parking spots and back (15 Second Rest), If more than 1 person in your group complete core exercise of your choice until partner returns with sled

  1. Tire sled pull

Station 11 – 10 Reps per exercise, spot partner then swap

  1. PVC Bench press (10 Reps)
  2. PVC Bench press (to failure)

Station 12 – Hold for 1 minute, rest for 20

  1. Plank on coupon
  2. 6” hold, holding coupon

Station 13 – walk to the end of parking spots and back 

  1. Kettle Bell Farmer’s walk
  2. One armed coupon merkins

COT: Announcements were made about the school supply drive, upcoming golf scrambles, and August ruck. Intentions went up. Again, a big thanks to Geppetto for his hard work. Backdraft out.

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