BB for Silver Dunes BO – The Temple of Dune 4/4

Last chance workout in Florida for the Silver Dunes guys so Methane decided to serve up some Surf and Turf. Little WO on the grass courtyard, then finish on the Beach. T-claps to Stretch for posting again after Vincent’s Merkin Madness. Great to meet new people and spread the gift of F3.


Iceman – R


Stretch – R

Vincent – R


Methane – Q



4 x 4-

1)MerkinsW/Squats/Davincis/10 Burpees

2)Dips/Step-ups/Derkin/20 Hammers

3)SC Jumps/LBCs/Irkins/20 MonkyHump

4)J-Lo’s/Imperial Walk/plank🔼🔽/20 Carolina


3 man weaves:

1)Donkey Kicks/Bobby Hurley’s—Mario’s

2)Flutter kicks/copperhead sqts—Bernie Sanders

3)shoulder taps/monkey humpers—Mario’s

4)Merkins/squats—Bernie Sanders

On vacation so this is what you get. ✌️

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