4/3 BackBlast The Tank #TheTorchIsPassed

E5AB7731-E2E1-4E17-8C2E-D4605E82D327At Vets we’ve been through a few changes in the first year of existence.  We started at the bottom parking lot across from the softball field, it was a nice lot but dark and quite unwelcoming.  We eventually moved up to the Jeffersonian parking lot as starting point while the main park was still being rennovated.  Finally landing at our current spot at the seal in Jeffersontown Veterans Memorial Park.  Anyone who has posted at Vets can attest to the group of regular group of ”Vets Pax” have something special.  Worm, HotWheels, Tony Malito, Meatball, Drysdale, WeedWacker, Carlose, SnowDay and last but not least PK.  Each of these HIM have been extremely instrumental in building a culture and a brotherhood in Jtown (AO of the Year).  All this love letter is to say, time has come for me to pass the torch along to someone who has been there from the very beginning.  PK!!!!!  No doubt is it time for a new voice to lead this workout, PK will carry the theme along of honoring our veterans and making fart jokes.  We aren’t going to be making any darastic changes at the Tank so if you still like to hear Malito and Worm go back and forth about cotton vs compression underwear, or smell fresh HotWheels fart.  Vets is the place for you!!






Tony Malito





Banana Bread

ShrimpBoat FNG



2 burpee 4 SSH

4 burpee 8 SSH



10 burpee 20 SSH


mosey to benchs around the circle dog park area

10 incline merkins IC

Bearcrawl to next bench.  About 25 yds

10 decline merkins IC

Bearcrawl to next bench

10 Dips IC

Bearcrawl to next bench

10 stepups each leg OYO

Bearcrawl to next bench


Mosey to hill behind baseball field


Bearcrawl line dance up the hill and down and side to side

5X Hill sprints on my go


Native American run long way back to the seal for Plank o Rama!


Plank variations for days killed the pax and a lot of groaning was heard.


PK took out COT because YHC had to get home to the M.


-Kilo out at the tank

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