BB- The Patriot 3/1/2021 – Meter Maid Q

F3 Louisville’s newest Black Ops site is located by the LaGrange Courthouse and has been going each Monday. This marked the 4th week and my first time to Q here. For those that make it out here, make sure to fill up your vehicles while you are out here. Gas is about 30 cents cheaper out here. It is as good as a coupon and it practically pays for your gas here!

Holy Roller has been trying for a few weeks to get to John Black, the LaGrange Mayor. This morning he ran out of excuses and showed up for my Q. He wore blue jeans and plenty of reflective gear. He is the same person that is named for the John Black Community Center. He would end up being named Boss Hogg. He has big plans for the downtown LaGrange area. Check out the link below for what they have planned.

It was around 41 degrees with a strong wind but many of us wore shorts. Before we started, coupons were being passed along like three-card Monte.

There were 8 Pax who made it out: Yankovic (R), Boss Hogg (FNG) (R), Focker, LePew, Dauber, Holy Roller (R), Backflop and Meter Maid (Q).

The COP, we took a quick mosey around the courthouse to get warm. Then we did Grass Grabber IC, Quick SSH IC (Pelican wasn’t there to complain or offer critique on it; I went fast on purpose), and Toy Soldiers IC.

We did one minute of weighted steps ups before we took our coupons to the center of 2nd Street. It was a simple workout- 10 Merkins and 10 overhead press and every time you crossed the center point (2nd and Adams), you added 5 more. I capped it at 40 and you declined down. There was a lot of grunting at the center point.

With about 5 minutes left, we grabbed out coupons and LED lights and returned. We had one minute left for stretching before time was called. I had nearly 2.8 miles including the hill work.

We did COR and NOR. For intentions, we gave praise for Focker’s uncle that is now out of the hospital and Holy Roller’s niece who was born early but is continuing to gain weight. We also prayed for LePew’s grandmother who is nearing her end of life. We prayed for the front line workers and prayed that we are turning the corner on COVID.

Always humbled to lead,

Meter Maid

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