Heavy at Vets: 12 Days of HEAVY – Backblast

After a weekend of indulging, I thought of no better way to start off the week than with a HEAVY workout with my HIMS. SO when Worm asked me last week if I would Q it, I said YES because it will force me to get out on a Monday after a long weekend.

At 4:20 I awoke from my slumber and decided to get the say started then. I knew the Vets pretty well, but since we moved to this new spot I wanted to get there early to scope it out. Plus I wanted to get there in time to welcome Snowday who was bringing something extra for that morning.

I arrived at the AO just after 5 and began setting up for what was going to be a fun Christmas inspired WO. As guys were rolling in I used their weights and dispersed them throughout the circle for each of the exercises we were going to take on.

I knew the WO was going to take some time, so a little before 5:30 we started going through explaining the exercises so that we would be ready when 5:30 hit. As soon as we hit 5:30, we did a quick warm-up and got after it.



15 Imperial Squat Walkers IC

15 Abe Vigodas IC


This was inspired by the 12 Days of Christmas song and some other workouts I have seen. Since this was my first workout after Thanksgiving back in Louisville, I thought it was fitting to kick off the Christmas Holiday.

*Disclaimer – I was so excited about this that I didn’t really think through how to get all the guys through the workout. Thanks to all who showed up for rolling with it and getting after it.

Here were the 12 Days of HEAVY breakdown:

1 – Tire Flip

2 – Step Up Step Back Lunges (Using Kettlebells)

3 – Plank Rows (L/R = 1) (Using 25# dumbbells)

4 – Weight V- Ups (20# weight)

5 – Weight Merkins (30# or 50# rucksack)

6 – Single Leg Deadlift (50# dumbbell)

7 – Squat Hold Front Raises (45# plate)

8 – Thrusters (45# plate)

9 – Thread the Needles (20# kettlebell, 9 each side)

10 – Overhead Squat (45# plate)

11 – Dips (45# plate)

12 – Burpees

You start at 1, and after you finished you ran a lap around the monument. Then come back and do 1 and 2, run another lap. Continue to add an exercise each round until all 12 are completed. We had several guys almost finish, but as we neared the end, we did one last round of each exercise. While one PAX did 12 Burpees, all other PAX did AMRAP of their exercise.

COR, NOR, Announcements, Intentions.

It’s always exciting to get to lead. This one was a little more sporadic then I like for my Qs to be, but it was still worth it. I am very appreciative of this group and proud to be apart of the F3 Nation!

-McAfee Out

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