👻🎃🧛‍♀️ PB – Ghost Q – The Hurt @ The Mutt 10/31/2020 👻🎃🦇

The Ghost Q reached out to me months ago (like January) to secure his spot to Q at the best AO in 40207. I asked HIM to send me a pre-blast and I would post it so we did not reveal his identity. So after 10 months of waiting for an epic PB, here isContinue reading “👻🎃🧛‍♀️ PB – Ghost Q – The Hurt @ The Mutt 10/31/2020 👻🎃🦇”

10/25/2019 Pre-Blast Wisteria @ Pleasantville

Come out to the gloom of Wisteria. Where things are rarely what they seem. A Ghost Q will be there, but not the kind that you think. Hiding in the shadows, lurking, devising something to make you scream. But don’t let this Ghost Q catch you, as he will take your blood for a drink.Continue reading “10/25/2019 Pre-Blast Wisteria @ Pleasantville”

Cloverfield @ The Garden Pre-Blast 10/24/19 #GhostQWeek

Looking for a Q that looks at you the way Patrick Swayze looked at Demi Moore in Ghost?!? If so, Cloverfield is the place for you this Thursday morning. Come on out and let me show you my love and affection with a proper beatdown in the gloom. YHGQ will keep the Pax moving whileContinue reading “Cloverfield @ The Garden Pre-Blast 10/24/19 #GhostQWeek”

PB – The Tank : Vets : 10-23-2019

Honored to be taking a trip over to Vets at Jeffersontown – the home of the 2018 Best AO and the site for Fall Convergence 2019 later this weekend.  I’ve been there before and some of the most difficult workouts I’ve ever completed were put on by the PAX that call Vets home.  And, now it’s myContinue reading “PB – The Tank : Vets : 10-23-2019”

PB 10/22/2019 BO at Peggy Baker Park

Keeping with this weeks theme. I have been a ghost at PB Park since this BO location was decided on. I have never posted out there as its outside of the 264 corridors but tomorrow things will change. Come out tomorrow with a great attitude and kick your Tuesday off on the right foot. WeContinue reading “PB 10/22/2019 BO at Peggy Baker Park”

PreBlast The Bridge at The Posh Wed 10/23

So I found this whistle. How can I use the whistle when I Q? I like whistles but only when I’m the one using it. Better hide it from the kids. I remember a great movie where the coach kept blowing the whistle while the team did exercises, It looked terrible so we’ll probably doContinue reading “PreBlast The Bridge at The Posh Wed 10/23”

Ghost Q Pre Blast BO at @ Bayside

Pumped about Ghost Q week and my first time out at Bayside. That’s right…MY FIRST TIME….I expect a strong showing from the Shelbyville HIMS! Get up and get ready to do something difficult. I have been scouting on Google Earth and you guys have a lot of real estate out there…we will use it! ToContinue reading “Ghost Q Pre Blast BO at @ Bayside”

10.21.19 The Incubator @ Posh-Ghost Week-PB

YHC is excited to have the opportunity to kick off Ghost Q Week. So much so that we’ll have a little spooky fun with it. But don’t get comfortable; we’re bout to put in some work! We’ll get loose, we’ll do some running and you won’t really need gloves…Unless of course you need to protectContinue reading “10.21.19 The Incubator @ Posh-Ghost Week-PB”

Preblast – Ghostmode – the Silo

Ghostmode will be in full effect tomorrow at 0530 at the Spooky Silo. White tank top…check! White ranger panties…maybe? A full on ghost mask…probably not. A ghostly Q with a few tricks is sure to not disappoint. Ghost costumes are encouraged but not mandatory. Gloves, running shoes, and the standard gear are recommended. Be readyContinue reading “Preblast – Ghostmode – the Silo”