BB – 10/24 PWVFD. Kimble Ghost

With such a push for 40 at The County, this starfish throw down was a little scarce.

Pax: Fungi, Kimble (Q)

Weather: 47 and clear. Great view of the sky

Disclaimer given ( since Fungi and I have been close for 26 yrs, he knows I am not a professional!). I apologized for being under the funk hoping I could make it through. off for a Mosey around the block (1/4 mi). Up to FH for COP.

SGG 15

Toy Soldiers x 15

SSH x 25

Runners stretches

pretzel Hugs (My 2.0 invention)

Thang 1

Run the 1/4 mile loop around the property followed by:

Overhead Coupon Press x 10

Big Boys x 15

Air Chair 40 sec

Repeat run followed by:

Chest Press x 20

Dips x 20

Copperhead Squats x 15

Repeat Run followed by:

Dry Docks x 15

Coupon Rows x 20

Coupon kettle bell swings x 15

Repeat Run followed by:

Curls x 20

4ct Flutter Kicks x 10

Calf Raises x 20

Repeat run

Thang 2:

Original plan was a modified Dora. With just 2 of us I modified so we could do things together.

10 Merkins then overhead coupon run to bottom of drive and back

25 LBC followed by coupon lunge walk down and back

30 coupon squats followed by Karaoke down and back.

10 Merkins Bernie down 70% run back up

25 LBC’s Bernie down 80% back

30 coupon squats Bernie down AYG Back.

5 min left; In-Line Alternating Mary:

Fungi’s Fav – Nolan Ryan’s 15 each arm

Freddie Mercury’s x 15

I forgot what Fungi did next, but we had 30 sec left so we held straight leg 12″ high for the remainder.

We stood by the FD flag for announcements Put an arm over each other for intentions. Prayers for a St Als Parishoner’s family as he lost his battle with cancer. Prayers for my cousin struggling with Chemo and radiation for brain cancer.

I thanked the Sky Q for bringing Fungi into my life 26 yrs ago and keeping the bond strong all these years. If I was going to lead 1 HIM in a workout, there is no one else I would rather be there than him!

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