BackBlast – CSAUP 3/23/19 North Posh Abacus Q

Several weeks ago at a North Posh run workout Dunphy floated the idea let’s run 50K around the 1.8 mile loop called the Coppiced Woods Trail. If you’re keeping score at home that’s 20 laps! Hmmm! Seems like a great CSAUP opportunity. YHC jumped on the idea and set the date of March 23, 2019.Continue reading “BackBlast – CSAUP 3/23/19 North Posh Abacus Q”

BackBlast – 3/3/19 #F3Runners Abacus

PAX met at The O normal spot (Seneca Park Tennis Courts). Normal disclaimer plus be careful and watch for cars on the run. Assume cars don’t see you b/c the driver probably doesn’t! PAX headed out to the Seneca Park Trails for a 2 miler down the hill / golf course. Then back up theContinue reading “BackBlast – 3/3/19 #F3Runners Abacus”

BackBlast – 2/2/19 BlackOps #F3Runners Abacus Q

Running is my favorite exercise! I love the feeling of the body warming up and coming to life. The act of running is a steady state of mental focus and movement. Nothing is better for getting lost deep in the thoughts of your mind. Often during running I find myself thinking of absolutely nothing whileContinue reading “BackBlast – 2/2/19 BlackOps #F3Runners Abacus Q”

BackBlast – 1/27/18 BlackOps Jefferson Memorial Forest SiltStone Training Running – Abacus Q

PAX – Little Jerry (R) and Abacus Q met at 0750 for a fun jog through Jefferson Memorial Forest along the Silt Stone and Scott’s Gap Trails. It looked like this, but the hills feel waaaayyyy steeper when you are running them. This was my first time on Scott’s Gap (see the little loop atContinue reading “BackBlast – 1/27/18 BlackOps Jefferson Memorial Forest SiltStone Training Running – Abacus Q”

Back Blast – Posh Black Ops

PAX – Catfish with Little Jerry at the Q Conditions – Look out the window.  Cold.  Snow.  Ice.  We could tell how fast the temperature dropped last night by the ice under the snow.  Fortunately, with the cold, it was not slushy and our feet generally stayed dry. 10 meandering slow miles.  Had the parkContinue reading “Back Blast – Posh Black Ops”

BackBlast – TheSilo 1/7/19 Abacus Q

13 PAX turned out to run hills and get better. PAX – Carton, Milton, Dunphy, Little Jerry (R), Bob Ross, Banana Hands (R), Nice n Slow, Cochran, Lew Pew, Storm Trooper, Catfish, Fungi, Abacus Q Mosey to bottom of hill and bernie sanders back to top. Indian Run in 2 lines to bottom parking lotContinue reading “BackBlast – TheSilo 1/7/19 Abacus Q”