BackBlast – 2/2/19 BlackOps #F3Runners Abacus Q

Running is my favorite exercise! I love the feeling of the body warming up and coming to life. The act of running is a steady state of mental focus and movement. Nothing is better for getting lost deep in the thoughts of your mind. Often during running I find myself thinking of absolutely nothing while the miles clip by. Other times when running with a group of High Impact Men the conversations can change significantly from small talk to solving the problems of the world. Every run the shared suffering breaks barriers. On the road, trail, or track we are of equal stature even if we are not of equal abilities. But, together we are getting better.

Several F3 PAX are training for races this Spring. Some are road races (Triple Crown of Running) and others are trail races (Big Turtle 50Miler / 50K) or other events further in the future. YHC is always humbled by the support and HC’s when running posts go out via Slack. This week was no exception.

PAX – Catfish, Grinder, Milton, and Abacus Q

Starting Point – Seneca Park Tennis Courts (aka #theO) at the flag. 0700

YHC gave a quick disclaimer on being safe and we hit the trails.

From #theO we headed out along Golf Course Bridge Trail #1 (not sure if the trail had a name, but now it does). The FOG of the Gloom made visibility a challenge even with bright headlamps. All paved areas were coated with a thin icy glaze from the Fog. This made for a slippery crossing over the old golf course bridge that crosses I-64. All PAX safety made it across. Back on firm footing we all commented the frozen trail was excellent for running. Followed the trail to the end and headed toward Big Rock park. Grinder hung tight, but was looking for less distance so he headed back.

Catfish, Milton, and YHC carried on to Beargrass Road Trail which took us to Maple Rd. Then PAX made the return trip to #theO.

PAX arrived at 0806 and covered appx 10K. Below is what Catfish looked like while bounding through the forest!

Catfish Trail Running

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