Backblast 1/29 The O – Iceman Q

Pax: Basic Bro(DR-Grand Rapids), Catfish, Violet, Flojo, Shank, Glen Ross, Wham

Standard disclaimer that I played professional volleyball with the added disclaimer that I’ve been sick for over a week just making sure someone knew CPR.

There was a little ice out and I’m not talking about myself so we grabbed the coupons and moseyed straight to the tennis courts where I prepared the course and avoided most of the ice.

I reviewed the COURSE (standard Iceman Q) and the BOP (Board of Pain)

We lined up vs circled up. Is that a LOP?


High knees

Butt kicks

Arm Circles

Knee stretch

Quad stretch


Mountain Climbers

Plank calf stretch


Side hop



The Thang

Course Run and BOP work. I added my jumpbox and the Pax was mostly impressed that I fit it in my WRX. I think Catfish finished all 3 Rounds while I was just getting to Round 2.



Flutter Kicks

Box Cutters

Big Boys


It’s been almost a week so I can’t remember everything but we all got better that morning. It was great to have Basic Bro with us from Grand Rapids.

This group of HIMs never lets me down and I’m always amazed about how everyone talks about how this group has impacted their lives. All Fs touch parts of everyone, but for me it’s especially F2. We prayed for intentions said and unsaid. I’m thankful for my new hip and my new friends – uIce Out!

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