Backblast 11/11 The Silo at North Posh

Pax: Catfish, Jitterbug, #2, Nino, Huggies, Dunphy, Ladybird, Milton; Q-Iceman Disclaimer and F3 Credo, leave no man behind but leave no man where you find him. Mosey to bottom of hill for LOP (line of pain/warmup) Arm circles, knee grabs, butt kicks, high knees Mosey back to top parking lot COP Grassgrabbers, Downward dog, stretches,Continue reading “Backblast 11/11 The Silo at North Posh”

9/17/19 Iceman Q The Cliffs at The Garden

I promised it would suck. I hope I delivered my promise. 4 HIMs joined me ITG. Pax – Husky, Sarbanes, Ladybird, Latex, Iceman Run the hill COP Grass grabbers, arm circles Run Downward dog, stretches Run Burpee Apocalypse – 10, 9, etc… It Sucked! Hill work up and down the ladder Up 10 Merkins BernieContinue reading “9/17/19 Iceman Q The Cliffs at The Garden”

Preblast for Friday 9/6 at The Beach, 0530-0615 Disclaimer… this may be your last chance of the year to get sandy. Facts… Weather = Perfect Sand = Yes Q = Iceman Pax = at least Iceman AO = King Louie’s Sand Courts Shoes needed = No Gloves needed = No Shirt needed = No Will we jump = Yes Will we runContinue reading “Preblast for Friday 9/6 at The Beach, 0530-0615”

Backblast 8/31 Iceman Q at The Fog, 0700-0800

Q: Iceman Pax: Deepdish, Jitterbug, Mr. Kotter, Short Bus, Fructose, Abacus, Meter Maid, Tenderfoot, Wapner, Husky, Tooltime, Sweettart, Kilo, Snowman, OJ, Newman The general theme today was to keep moving quickly with of course some plyometrics sprinkled in. Run the egglawn COP Grass grabbers, arm circles Run Downward dog, stretches Run COP 10 each Burpees Squat Jacks MountainContinue reading “Backblast 8/31 Iceman Q at The Fog, 0700-0800”

BB 8/23 BO at The Beach – Iceman Q

Pax: Jitterbug, Worm, Hot Wheels Kinetic court work –   Butt kicks, high knees. Side to side, knee/quad grabs, arm circles, bernie sanders back COP Sand Grabbers, Plank and Stretches The Beatdown – Stations Station 1 – Conework- 20 side to side, 20 Squares, 20 Skaters 20 side shuffle. 10 Tri D back (RinseContinue reading “BB 8/23 BO at The Beach – Iceman Q”

Pre-Blast 8/23 0530 Iceman at the Beach

Noticed a small typo… now corrected. Calling ALL HIMs… everyone said they wanted to try a workout in the sand, but seems like every time I hold a Black Ops in the sand it’s just Jitterbug and me building sand castles… we don’t get up for easy… see you nice gentlemen Friday ITG— Iceman… thisContinue reading “Pre-Blast 8/23 0530 Iceman at the Beach”

7-12 Black Ops Preblast at The Beach (aka King Louie’s/Blind Squirrel) 0530-0615, ICEMAN Q

Sand – it’s soft, brings back memories of building sand castles, strolls down the beach looking for shells, the incredible sounds of the ocean, and all the beautiful scenery that goes with being at the beach. There won’t be any of those things but you will get better – SYITG!

Preblast – 5/31 Black Ops Iceman at The Beach (aka King Louie’s), 0530-0615

Tired of lacing up those shoes…putting on those gloves…wearing a shirt…. No need for any of those things at the beach. Wear some shorts, bring a towel and a can do attitude. I’m still recovering from volleyball nationals so if you’ve been scared to come out and try the sand now is the time, I’mContinue reading “Preblast – 5/31 Black Ops Iceman at The Beach (aka King Louie’s), 0530-0615”

Backblast 4/1 Temple of Dune

Q-Iceman, Pax-Methane, Doubledown,Diablo Kinetic Butt Kicks, High Knees, knee/quad stretches, arm circles Circle Up – Grass Grabbers, Mountain Climbers/Calf Stretch, Merkin up/downs on my count. Mosey to stairs Thang 1 LATS/curl-band 10/ Stairs/5 BOYOS-push, dips/stairs/5 BOYOS, merkins/stairs, BOYOS/stairs/5 BOYOS, 1 arm extensions/stairs/5 BOYOS Rinse and Repeat Mosey back to grass area Thang 2 Dora 75Continue reading “Backblast 4/1 Temple of Dune”

Backblast 3-29 at The Chopper – Iceman Q

My VQ at Vets did not disappoint. Great group of Pax showed up for an Iceman Beatdown. The COP workout is my new favorite. I learned this WO that PK trained for the olympics as a speed skater but realized he was better at ice dancing. Pax -Worm,PK,Dynomite!,Maxi,Hot Wheels,Huggies,Meatball,Snow day,Iceman The LOP – High Knees,Continue reading “Backblast 3-29 at The Chopper – Iceman Q”

Backblast 3.19 The Loco @ St Als, Iceman Q -THE CIRCLE OF PAIN

Pax – Abacus, Ashley, Crockpot, Moms’s Boy, Big Bird, Bulletin, Pew Pew, Fungi, Milton, Alexa, Gilligan, Wildflower, Red Wagon, Kimble, Jerry McGuire, Ladybird, Iceman(Q) Standard disclaimer that I played professional volleyball. This was an angry beatdown after I was unable to attend the Ruck Saturday. I want to thank this group of HIMs as IContinue reading “Backblast 3.19 The Loco @ St Als, Iceman Q -THE CIRCLE OF PAIN”

Backblast: 3rd F – Wayside Mission – 3/5, 0600 Time To Serve

It was a perfect Gloomy morning to meet 3 brothers at Wayside to help out our Louisville brothers in need. PAX: Iceman, Aerobie, Ladybird, FNG The Thing – 0600 to 0800 Broke out into stations. 1) ice and FNG knifing thru peppers and squeezing cheese from packets – woof 2) aerobie scrubbing pots 3) ladybirdContinue reading “Backblast: 3rd F – Wayside Mission – 3/5, 0600 Time To Serve”

Backblast 2.23.19 The Ruiner @ The O

Q – Iceman, PAX – Red Roof, Tammy Faye Baker, Pope, Diablo, Violet, Fergie, Splash, Penny I arrived early to set up my Plyo circuit with my jump box, cones and a couple of coupons down at Big Rock. Standard disclaimer that I played professional volleyball. Leave no man behind and leave no man whereContinue reading “Backblast 2.23.19 The Ruiner @ The O”

Backblast – #TheExtender @ The Mutt 2/21

Q –  Iceman, Pax – Pepperoni, Plumbob, Snowman, Tiger, Escort, Backdraft, Sumppump, Whamo, Huggies, Duece, Old Bay, Glenross, Fridge, Blueprint I arrived early to set up my Stations of the Cross with my jump box, agility ladder, cones and a few coupons.  I was enjoying the peace and quiet of the gloom.  I reflected on howContinue reading “Backblast – #TheExtender @ The Mutt 2/21”

Backblast 1/29 The O – Iceman Q

Pax: Basic Bro(DR-Grand Rapids), Catfish, Violet, Flojo, Shank, Glen Ross, Wham Standard disclaimer that I played professional volleyball with the added disclaimer that I’ve been sick for over a week just making sure someone knew CPR. There was a little ice out and I’m not talking about myself so we grabbed the coupons and moseyedContinue reading “Backblast 1/29 The O – Iceman Q”

12/8 Backblast – The Fog, Iceman Q

The Modified Board Of Pain with a little Ice mixed in. Q – Iceman Pax – Pew Pew, Mr Kotter, Bobross, Jitterbug, Drivethru, Ladybird, Retainer, Iceman, FNG (Mr Belding), FNG (Robinhood 2.0) No man left behind, but leave no man where you found him. Q challenged the Pax to strive to always Get Better. WarmupContinue reading “12/8 Backblast – The Fog, Iceman Q”