Backblast 11/11 The Silo at North Posh

Pax: Catfish, Jitterbug, #2, Nino, Huggies, Dunphy, Ladybird, Milton; Q-Iceman

Disclaimer and F3 Credo, leave no man behind but leave no man where you find him.

Mosey to bottom of hill for LOP (line of pain/warmup)

Arm circles, knee grabs, butt kicks, high knees

Mosey back to top parking lot



Downward dog, stretches, Burpee Apocalypse 10,9…(new Pax favorite)

Mosey to Nino Hill for bucket of fun #1

super 7s

7 burpees to 1 at bottom and

Bucket at Top (modified to 5 or 2- depending on whether you were me or catfish)

Mosey back to top parking lot for Bucket #2 not to be confused with The #2.

Run and Mario to bottom then Bernie, mosey,AYG to Bucket at Top.


cone work

Plank work

It was a good start to Veterans Day. Special thanks to Stickup for letting me borrow his bucket.

Winners Creed

If you think you are beaten, you are;

If you think you dare not, you don’t;

If you’d like to win, but think you can’t

It’s almost certain, you won’t.

If you think you’ll lose, you’re lost;

Since out in our world we find

success begins with a person’s will,

It’s all in your state of mind.

Life’s battles don’t always go

to the stronger or faster hand;

But sooner or later

the person who wins

is the one who thinks…..”I CAN”.

Well over 1 million Americans have died in warfare, let’s take a moment in silence to honor those that have died, those that have psychologically died and those vets still living. Let’s go out today and find a veteran to thank for their service.

Always an honor to lead this group of HIMs – Iceman.

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