Diablo #BackBlast for Bag of Wrenches at The O 11/12/19 (“But this workout goes to 11.”)

Q: Diablo

PAX: (11!!) OJ, McAfee, Tron, Wham!, Handbook, FloJo, Whitney, Digiorno, Violet, Tammy Faye Baker, Diablo

CONDITIONS: 22 degrees; 15 mph wind; snow cover – it was cold. I dressed appropriately.


This time of year is when I think our workouts become the most fun and memorable. Yes, some can be hard to get out for – we are human and we are fortunate to have comfortable beds. But, once out in the elements, especially snow, these workouts take on a life of their own. Many of my most memorable times in the Gloom are from mornings like this. (Hey FloJo and Flounder – Remember that hellacious lightening / rain storm from The Carpenter? (I just said Carpenter.”))

Combine an organized workout with some of your friends, you have a recipe for a fun and rewarding morning, which is exactly what we had at The O today. As OJ and I were discussing, it gives us grown men a reason to play in the snow like we are kids, and for a few minutes not have a worry in the world. It’s priceless. (Note: This was Handbook and Whitney’s introduction to a snowy Gloom, two HIMs that are absolutely killing it and have made us all better.)

As you’ll see, the theme of the day was 11. Of all the athletes that have worn 11 Cowboys QB Danny White still comes to mind first for whatever reason. We can discuss famous 11s another time.


SSHs (11 IC)

Mountain Climbers (11 IC)

Copperhead Squats (11 IC)

Plank Jacks (11 IC)

Groiners (11 IC)

SSHs (11 IC)

Thang 1 (11s)

PAX lined up on the field hockey, well, field, for two rounds of 11s, running the width of the field between set 1, and Mario’ing the width of the field between set 2.

Set 1 – Merkins / Squats (Run mode)

Set 2 – Burpees / Jump Lunges (Marios)

YHC was smoked by the end of Set 2. I try not to do math in public, but those burpees sort of add up during 11s. YHC tried to keep up with OJ, and did a decent job until midway through Set 2 when a cold wind hit my lungs. The elements are fun, but like an angry Wham! client, they can get to you! The PAX pushed hard during these sets – so fun to watch.

Thang 2 (William Wallace)

For William Wallace this morning (this is a fun workout by the way), PAX divided up into four teams and went to separate corners of the field. One PAX member from each team runs to the center of lot, yelling and screaming at or about whatever they want (the yelling and screaming is imperative to YHC) and performs an exercise chosen by first PAX to the target (11 reps), while the rest of the Pax held plank at their corner. That PAX then returns to his corner and alternating PAX complete the exercise. (Chosen exercises included more burpees than I thought!)

This was all sorts of fun. The highlight was McAfee sliding head first in the snow toward the middle. Here’s the aftermath of that glorious movement:

Team 3 (l-r, Diablo, Handbook, FloJo) won the last sprint round, but all they really got was a picture to include in this BackBlast. Still pays to be a winner:


PAX next circled up in the snow for some Mary / core work. At this point, we wondered what was going on when we heard the following exchange:

PAX 1: “What were you doing to him”?

PAX 2: “I was just dusting the snow off his back.”

PAX 3: “Is that what you’re calling it nowadays”?

PAX 4: “I’m not sure we’re supposed to talk about this.”

YHC then introduced the PAX to XYs, a movement that incorporates Rosalitas and flutter kicks into a 4 count. These looked better on paper – I couldn’t keep count for s***. But that made it funnier. I may not bring those back out anytime soon.

XYs (11 IC)

LBCs (11 IC)

American Hammers (11 IC)

Big Boys (11 IC)

Plank / Merkins (11)

You know who would have liked this workout???


PAX circled up for COR (we had 11, which was magical, NOR (which we’ll pretend I didn’t forget), announcements, and intentions. All agreed this workout went to 11, and because other AOs only went to 10 this morning, ours was louder, because ours went to 11.

As always, thank you for the opportunity to be a part of THIS.


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