1/31 Backblast TheExtender #KiloQ #FlagMysterySolved

5605E336-6D88-4B79-A1A8-4FB4FE2B56CE.jpegYHC won back to back fartsacker of the year awards.  You know, the award that every F3er strives to achieve.  Where you are celebrated for your absence, more than your presence.  It’s basically lower than a participation trophy.  Nevertheless I humbly embrace my talent to fartsack and wanted nothing more than to display my award with great pride.  Truth is, someone attempted to rob me of that honor Id worked so hard to earn.

The evening of the awards banquet there was a plot hatched against ol’ Kilo.  Devious and deceptive inside job from directly under my nose.

I know what you’re saying,  “Kilo, what the heck does this have to do with the extender workout on 1/31”.

By the time Wednesday night had rolled around YHC had seen enough of the “hey kilo look at me, I’ve got your flag and fartsack award”.  Ahem Huggies, Alexa, Valdez, McAfee, Nino, Buschhhh, etc….


along with this nonsense, the mutt twitter handle decided to poke the bear a little more.  Fartsack champ blablabla…..better have a back up weinke, he’s not gonna show blablabla.  OK mutt, this workout was already going to be difficult, I’ll show you.

Q advice.  Don’t do this.

Enough rambling.  Here’s who was there


Kilo, Geppetto, PK, blueprint, patchwork, catfish, whamo, nugget, Glenn Ross, snowman, fridge, zima, plumb bob, LittleJerry, meatball, backdraft, miyagi


Disclaimer given and an apology to the pax who were HIM enough to show.  Even though the mutts responsible for the pain train, were not in attendance.  COUGH BUSCHHHHH COUGH.  Fartsack Nominees 2019.


20 boyos

quick pace lap around the track to pick up coupons.



one side of parking space do 10 Rocky’s with merkin at the bottom

with coupon overhead lunge walk to other side of parking spot

1 rocky with plank jack at the bottom.

You get the picture

broke this up a couple times with a mosey lap around the school because pax were making weird noises.

One pax (patchwork) headed for shelter and warmth in his car.  Thankfully Miyagi went to check on him and his fingers were frozen.  Patchwork has Buschhh yo thank for making his fingers cold.

Finished off with some sprints and merkins and whatever other mess I could think of at the time.


I stole something from Deuce, because that’s what we do in F3louisville.  If you like something steal it.

He said on Wednesday to go about your day and make it about someone else.  That stuck with me so I decided to share it.


Fastforward to Friday when the AO of the year flag made its triumphant entry to the promised land at vets.  Because mcafee is a true friend and had seen his brother suffer for far to long.  Thanks Mac!  You’re an honorary vets pax.


Now, who was the back stabber?  The con man? The shister?  No other than my wing man, my shield lock, my neighbor!

Freaking PK!!!!!

Truth is, I didn’t even solve the mystery.  On the way home from the chopper, PK removed his mask and revealed himself as the mastermind behind the great Kilo theft.

I trusted PK to take care of what we had worked so hard to earn together.  The 2 of us together helped build vets from the ground up to become AO of the year.  All for one, one for all.  Not so fast!

he swiped the flag right out from under my nose at the awards banquet.  Handed it to Jolly Rancher and instructed him to “mess with Kilo” by passing it around to different AOs and posting pictures to slack taunting ol poor kilo.

That’s basically how it went down.

Only thing is I’ve already forgiven PK for his devious deceptive malicious act.  I love you and would never do anything remotely as cunning and evil as you.  (Mainly because I couldn’t pull it off)

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