BackBlast – TheSilo 1/7/19 Abacus Q

13 PAX turned out to run hills and get better.

PAX – Carton, Milton, Dunphy, Little Jerry (R), Bob Ross, Banana Hands (R), Nice n Slow, Cochran, Lew Pew, Storm Trooper, Catfish, Fungi, Abacus Q

Mosey to bottom of hill and bernie sanders back to top.

Indian Run in 2 lines to bottom parking lot

Pair up. P1 Sprints to end of parking lot and jogs back. P2 planks up. Rinse and Repeato 5X

Mosey on running path to bottom of “beg for forgiveness hill” (yup I just named it). Partner up and run all you got to the second turn and jog slowly back down hill. Rinse and repeato 5X

Scout run 2 lines to flag

3 minutes remained for some light yoga cool down stretching and breathing.

YHC thanked the PAX for the opportunity to lead.


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