BackBlast – 3/3/19 #F3Runners Abacus

PAX met at The O normal spot (Seneca Park Tennis Courts).

Normal disclaimer plus be careful and watch for cars on the run. Assume cars don’t see you b/c the driver probably doesn’t!

PAX headed out to the Seneca Park Trails for a 2 miler down the hill / golf course. Then back up the hill for the “Old Course” trail. This set of trails is really neat because if you look hard you can see the old tee-boxes. This section of trail is slightly “rougher” than the “New Course” we took down the hill. More rocks and definitely a muddier run.

About this time the snow began falling. Really made for a beautiful run.

We headed back up the “new course” trail to the tennis courts.

Quick COT.

PAX – Iceman (R), Little Jerry (R), Catfish, Abacus Q


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