BB – Worm Q Bayside 2-28

Thursday was my first Q at Bayside and it was a long time coming. I’ve posted there 8 or 9 times and I’m always impressed with how tight the PAX is with one another. They take a lot of pride in their AO. I’d highly recommend all members of F3 Louisville to Hit Bayside in March. You won’t regret it.


Glaucoma, Sadie, Alexa, Gilligan, Grandpa Bear, Shuttle Cock, Charolais, Volkswagen, Banana Bread, Fanny Pack, Birdie, Thumbtack (WELCOME BACK!) Worm (Q) 

Mosey to Front Courtyard of HS

Warm Up – Stretch Arms, Legs, Kendra Newman’s, Grass Grabbers

WORM WORK – Heavy Circuit – 2 Mins Intervals with 30 Second Break

Battle Ropes

Mosey Around Parking Lot

Elastic Band Back Rows

Kettle Bell Swings

Deep Couple Merkins

45# Plate Upright Rows

Single Arm Derkins on Coupon

20 Yard Sprints

2x Single Arm Coupon Fireman Carry

Single Arm 35# Dumbbell Military Press

15# Flat Bench Flys

Overhead Ruck Squats

 Merkin Burn-Out

5 Set Ladder – Close Grip to Wide Grip back to Close Grip


Early Birds Got –


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