PB – Worm Q – Big Mo HEAVY – 9/16 Bring Your Ruck

I’m reaching into the Toy Box and bringing all the goodies out for Monday morning. This will be an absolute beat down. Please bring weight plate and/or kettlebells if you have them. If you don’t have them, bring gloves and smile. For all those participating in October’s Tough event, BRING YOUR RUCK. I’ve got some […]

PB- July Ruck – “Taste of the Tough” 7/19 Hot Wheels & Worm

PAX- We will Ruck. We will Work. We will Sweat. We will Laugh. Some will Win. Some will Lose. ALL will Finish as Brothers. Hot Wheels and I are very excited to present the “Taste of the Tough” to the Louisville F3 PAX. We’ve planned a FAIR workout. Challenging but FAIR. Our goal is not […]

BB – Worm Q – HEAVY @ BIG MO 12/17

For five weeks we’ve brought some creativity to “Big Mo”. Sledge Hammers, Tractor Tires, Sand Bags, 2×4 Deadlifts, Battle Rope, and Metal 8″ Pipes. It’s truly amazing what our Q’s have prepared. This morning was more basic. An example of HEAVY work with Coupons, Plates, Rucks, and Kettlebells. These exercises can be performed at any […]