5/27/23 Pre-Blast – Worm Q The Patriot

I can’t think of a better place to kick-off Memorial Day Weekend than The Patriot. We will cover some ground, move some weight, and laugh a bit. Bring a coupon and good friend. Or, someone you dislike that needs a 60 mins butt kicking. Either way, we’re going to get better and earn that extraContinue reading “5/27/23 Pre-Blast – Worm Q The Patriot”

BB – Worm Q – The Foundry 5/24/23

Location: St Aloysius Church Weather: Perfect Energy: High Music: Outstanding PAX-Meter MaidPelicanDauberInstadoodleNatty Light (Pot Roast)Tebow – RJerry Maguire – RToe JamHueyDouble PumpBlack BoxWILDflowerAudibleBrownwaterWorm – Q First Thang: 6 Sets – (5) Merkins – (5) Big Boys – Sprints Second Thang: Heavy Circuit consisting of mixture of curls, kettlebell swings, squats, and battle ropes. Third Thang:Continue reading “BB – Worm Q – The Foundry 5/24/23”

PB- Worm Q – The Chopper Vets Park 6-16-2022

Sometimes the Site-Q has to step up and set a standard for the AO. This is one of those times. We will explore areas of the campus that haven’t been touched since Thumbtack, Tony Malito, and Eastwood were regular participants. Bring a coupon, gloves, and shoes. If your heart is set on Burpees go toContinue reading “PB- Worm Q – The Chopper Vets Park 6-16-2022”

The “F3-30″ – Our Night at the Races – Back Blast

As our crew of three navigated up Interstate 65, the echoes of Jake brakes and rumble strips were slowing overtaken by the sound of roaring V8 engines in the duct-taped Crown Victoria “bombers”. The grizzly bears producing the sound of a small town Saturday night were retired police cars in various color schemes, vintage models,Continue reading “The “F3-30″ – Our Night at the Races – Back Blast”

Pre-Blast – F3 Louisville Convergence – The O (Seneca Park) 4/23/2022

Pax- The hype train has been moving in regards to the Five Year Celebration of F3 Louisville! The Q’s are beyond honored to lead the group of Men that will be in attendance tomorrow morning. The weather is going to be absolutely beautiful for an ass kicking good time! We promise to have your bloodingContinue reading “Pre-Blast – F3 Louisville Convergence – The O (Seneca Park) 4/23/2022”

1/22 Worm Q – The Baptizer 5:15-6:15 – Not Miss It.

There is nothing like pulling up to your vacation home on a Friday. Join me for some R & R at my second home, St. Pat’s tomorrow morning. Start Time of 5:15am – 6:15am. It will be 60mins of pure pain. I promise to meet Nice n Slow’s high standard and even make Catfish thankfulContinue reading “1/22 Worm Q – The Baptizer 5:15-6:15 – Not Miss It.”

PB- Taste of the Tough 2.0 8/21/20

The Wormie Brothers (Worm and Kilo) proudly present the 2nd Annual Taste of the Tough Ruck Event on August 21st. Start Time – 7:56pm End Time – 12ish Location: Pope Lick Park Soccer Fields 4002 S Pope Lick Rd Louisville, KY 40299 We will get dirty, we Won’t get wet intentionality. Pants will be aContinue reading “PB- Taste of the Tough 2.0 8/21/20”

BB – Worm Q – Big Mo Ruck PT 7/27/2020

Pax- Diablo, Violet, Plump Bob, Eto, Cousin Eddie, & Worm (Q) We had to push the start back to 5:31 as Eto came rollin’ through during my Rucked Up disclaimer. We got him a coupon and kicked things off. Then, Cousin Eddie misjudged his morning run a couple minutes and came yogging up at 5:33,Continue reading “BB – Worm Q – Big Mo Ruck PT 7/27/2020”

BB – Worm Q HEAVY Zoom Gloom

I believe my first Zoom Gloom experience was a success. No technical difficulty and I didn’t wake up the family. We focused on three areas- Chest, Tri’s, and Shoulders. I was smoked, hopefully the PAX felt the same. PAX- Kilo, Frankenbaby, Jewel, Air Ball, Jitterbug, and Worm (VVQ) Warmup- 50 Merkins, 25 IC SSH, ArmContinue reading “BB – Worm Q HEAVY Zoom Gloom”

PB – Worm Q – HEAVY ZoomGloom 4/2/20 5:30a-6:15a

Gentlebeings-I’m bringing some virtual pain to the HEAVY ZoomGloom tomorrow morning. This will my first Zoom experience and it’s going to be outstanding! 5:30a-6:15a Link- https://zoom.us/j/152839532 Be prepared with the following-Weight for single arm movements. (Isolation Curls, Shoulders Presses, Back Rows) I’m using a 35lb dumbbell.Heavier weight for Squats, Lateral Raises, Side and Step-back Lunges,Continue reading “PB – Worm Q – HEAVY ZoomGloom 4/2/20 5:30a-6:15a”