Back Blast – Posh Black Ops

PAX – Catfish with Little Jerry at the Q Conditions – Look out the window.  Cold.  Snow.  Ice.  We could tell how fast the temperature dropped last night by the ice under the snow.  Fortunately, with the cold, it was not slushy and our feet generally stayed dry. 10 meandering slow miles.  Had the parkContinue reading “Back Blast – Posh Black Ops”

Back Blast – Poshlands Black Ops

Abacus and Little Jerry met up at 5:20 this morning for 10 miles through the snow.  No chance of getting lost.  5 miles out and 5 miles back and nary another human footprint but ours.  Abacus did ponder what the other animals must think about us and our odd foot prints…  Great run with greatContinue reading “Back Blast – Poshlands Black Ops”

Calling all Pax

Calling on all PAX. Please! The charity for the banquet is the Boys and Girls Club. Similar to F3, kids that use the Boys and Girls make a choice every day to go. There is a strict code of conduct and school work must be completed before fun. That’s where the similarity ends. If ourContinue reading “Calling all Pax”

Poshlands back blast

Abacus, Catfish, Lady Bird, Big Bird, Gilligan, Fungi, Jolly Rancher, Valdez, Gypsy, Alexa, Pew Pew, Retainer, Spy Gate, Drive Through, Little Jerry at the Q Great way to start the new year – at the Poshlands amongst 15 HIMS.  40 degrees on 1/2; what?  I still remember icicles on face, hat, shoes at this timeContinue reading “Poshlands back blast”

Back Blast – Double Down Black Ops at Posh

How could I possibly live up to paying enough honor and send enough love and prayers to Double Down this morning as he faces this new chapter in his life of healing.  I can’t, but 23 HIMS at the Poshlands can come close. Huggies, Frosted Tips, Nino, Pew Pew, Rhythm, Uncle Rico, Catfish, Methane, Kilo,Continue reading “Back Blast – Double Down Black Ops at Posh”

St. Al’s back blast – no pancake breakfast

After the disclaimer, your humble Q stated “If you came for a pancake breakfast, you’re in the wrong place.  The Mutt is that way.” COP – stretching and 101 SSH Mosey through the park for a Merkin/Air Press Jack Webb.  Again this was no breakfast.  No breaks and not fast. Mosey back to the parkingContinue reading “St. Al’s back blast – no pancake breakfast”

Back Blast – LJ Anniversary Q

Starting with the end COT, we gave thanks to our veterans, especially those that have sacrificed, so that we could get together on such a beautiful morning, a group of guys that motivate and inspire each other to get better, coming from all walks of life, race, creed, color, religion.  There’s no other country inContinue reading “Back Blast – LJ Anniversary Q”

Posh Pre Blast – LJ’s Anniversary Q

In celebration of my F3 anniversary, we will be doing a 365.  1 merkin and 364 LBC’s; 2 merkins and 363 LBC’s, and so on.  Just kidding, maybe…  We will stay together and we will get better together. Numbers to keep in mind:  365 days – 127 posts – 10 Q’s Please don’t let meContinue reading “Posh Pre Blast – LJ’s Anniversary Q”

Back Blast from the O – The worst back blast ever

Top of the morn’. Nickelback (great to see you back), Red Roof , Mayberry, Hooday, Scratch, Nugget, Sea Bass, Cutlass, Captain Insano, Butcher, FNG – dubbed Old Butcher, Little Jerry at the Q COP – 25 SSH, 15 Grass Grabbers, 17 IW, 17 Merkins Thang 1 – Mosey and Indian Run with a Jack WebbContinue reading “Back Blast from the O – The worst back blast ever”

Pre Blast – St. Patty’s at the O – An Ode to My F3 Bros

  If you miss you’ll only wish you visited St. Patrick’s Day at the O; you visited the cadre the hard way   Bring $3 and wear some green I promise you’ll not be a chicken queen   This came to me St. Patty’s eve’s eve While sitting atop my lonely pot   I thoughtContinue reading “Pre Blast – St. Patty’s at the O – An Ode to My F3 Bros”

A Valentines Chicken Back Blast from the Mutt on 2/17

I had the honor of leading 13 PAX on a Valentines adventure. Double Down (R), Pope, Zartan, Grinder, Buschhhh, DiGornio, Watergate (RR), Back Draft, Tiger, Gepetto, Glenn Ross, Snow Man, Last Weekend, Little Jerry (R) Working backwards.  The PAX was on pins and needles trying to figure out how Valentines and Chickens fit into F3. Continue reading “A Valentines Chicken Back Blast from the Mutt on 2/17”

Must Read Poshlands Back Blast

And a blast we had doing Crazy Eights… There’s a story to tell that involves abacuses, chickens, a Q leader pointing the finger at PAX and PAX claiming mental acuity issues with the Q.  Crazy, I say. 15 PAX (even after 8 count-offs) – Ice Man (respect), Dutch Oven, Grave Digger, Abacus, Kilo, Tomato, DoubleContinue reading “Must Read Poshlands Back Blast”

14 PAX have spa day at the Poshlands

13 PAX joined Little Jerry for a mani/pedi at the Poshlands.  Big Bird, Starchild, Tool Time, Storm Trooper, Abacus, Phoenix, Mr Hat, Swifty, Double Down, Rhythm, Gypsy, Bob Ross, Taco,  and FNG – Cochran. The mani included 100 merkins along with the pumice coupons for 125 curls and 125 presses to soften the callouses andContinue reading “14 PAX have spa day at the Poshlands”

14 PAX hit the trails at the Parklands for some nature viewing

14 PAX got away from the bright lights of the urban Egg Lawn to hit the beautiful  rural trails a bit north.   Eastwood, Rythm, Glaucoma, The Hammer, Petino, Bob Ross, Fro, Star Child, Methane, Mr Hat, Tool Time, Taco, Force Close with Little Jerry on Q. Warm up 20 SSH IC, 20 Imperial WalkerContinue reading “14 PAX hit the trails at the Parklands for some nature viewing”