Back Blast – LJ Anniversary Q

Starting with the end COT, we gave thanks to our veterans, especially those that have sacrificed, so that we could get together on such a beautiful morning, a group of guys that motivate and inspire each other to get better, coming from all walks of life, race, creed, color, religion.  There’s no other country in which this could happen and for that we are blessed.

Thanks for celebrating with me Arobi (R), Boozer, Battier (10), Mr Hat, Bob Ross, Rhythm, Duck (FNG), Abacus, Big Bird, Huggies and Bear (7), Little Jerry at Q

Numbers to remember – 365 days, 127 posts, 10 Q’s….

COP – 100 SSH IC + 27 Imperial Walkers IC.  Mosey to the bridge for a Jack Webb followed by 27 Dips IC.  Mosey to Methane Hill for 10×10’s – run down, run up, 10 merkins x 10.  Mosey back.  Mary Webb – 1 BBS and 4 LBC to 5 and 20, and back down.  365’s with a coupon – 100 Curls, 100 Presses, 100 Squats, 65 American Curls.

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