Backblast – The Hurt 5.26.2018

Hurt 05-26-2018Q – Q: Deuce

PAX 14: Buschhhhh (T), Digiorno (T), Escort, Sosa (FNG 2.0), Nomar (FNG), Sump Pump, Tureen (T), Wham-O, Pepperoni, Grinder (T), Fridge, Draper, Fatone, Deuce (T)

Tanks were worn for showing support to Pope.

Disclaimer given and an explanation of what the hell we were about to get into.  Luckily it seemed almost everybody either read the pre-blast or had the plan explained to them.  Gathered for the COP:


– Grass Grabbers (12) IC

– Downward dog with left and right leg stretch

– Quad stretch for each leg

– Tricep stretch

– Digiorno stretch

Start on Murph:

Mile 1 – start at the second to last parking spot on the North side of the school, run down Leland to Chenoweth and back.  Google maps says this is one mile, and I figure their algorithm is pretty good.

100 pull ups

200 merkins

300 squats

Some PAX went with a set method – 5 pull ups, 10 merkins, 15 squats per set.  Others did whatever they could when they could.  Modifications were present.

Mile 2 – same path as Mile 1.

All PAX finished, with some doing EC running.

Circled up for COT, intentions were given and special thoughts and prayers sent out to Pope for a quick and full recovery.

Overall this was brutal and taxing, but I am very glad to have done it and proud of all the PAX that showed up and crushed it.

Have a good and safe Memorial Day weekend all!


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