Must Read Poshlands Back Blast

And a blast we had doing Crazy Eights… There’s a story to tell that involves abacuses, chickens, a Q leader pointing the finger at PAX and PAX claiming mental acuity issues with the Q.  Crazy, I say.

15 PAX (even after 8 count-offs) – Ice Man (respect), Dutch Oven, Grave Digger, Abacus, Kilo, Tomato, Double Down (respect), Boozer (41), PK, Rhythm, Big Bird,  Bob Ross, Mr Hat, Methane Little Jerry at the Q.

Before – LJ’s attempt at humor.  I brought abacuses to help in our counts insisting that reciprocity with future live chickens is not necessary.  This turned out to be quite fortuitous regarding LJ’s ability to multiply and divide.  Kind of felt like a calculator or super computer was needed.  More to come… abacus

COP – 8×2 SSH IC + 8×3 IW IC.  Kilo thought this start too easy…

Thang – Mosey to Methane Hill the back way.  8 merkins, run down the hill, 8 lbc’s, run up the hill, repeat 8 times.

Mosey back to the bridge for 8 x 32 dips IC.  For those needing an abacus to calculate, that’s 64 dips on the bridge.

Mosey along beautiful Floyd’s Fork river back to the Egg Lawn for a Jack Web mary with 1 big boy sit up and four lbc’s.  Assisting the impaired, that’s another 36 and 144 respectively.

Mosey back to start for coupon work.  Sorry Kilo, it really was only 3.55 miles.  Here’s where it gets interesting.  Being a great leader, I’ll point out that if the PAX had read the pre-blast, LJ would not have needed to divide coupons into PAX (yes, I’m pointing my finger).  Nonetheless, LJ struggled to figure out how to divide 10 coupons among 15 PAX.  Is that 3 groups of 5 or 5 groups of 3?  And no Ice Man, this is not and age related mental acuity issue.  I just needed an abacus.  After several attempts and multiple count-offs, we got down some serious coupon work.

8×15=120 cumulative curls while one PAX completes 8×3 merkins.  8×15 cumulative presses.  8×10 cumulative french curls and we were exactly an hour better than we were at start.


COT with name-o-rama followed by coffeteria.  Glad that Glaucoma was able to stop by!

I had a blast and I’m grateful for the HIM turnout!

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