Black Ops: F3 Rush

Q: Nugget

PAX: Captain Insano, Face, Red Roof, Double Down, Nugget

I had an idea that we would explore the grounds of F3 Rush and see what it has to offer. We’ll, it offers a lot of Darkness. Couldn’t see much, but we move forward.

Mosey over to the Flag Island I the middle of the parking lot for COP

Abe Vigodas IC


Arm Circles


The Thang

We then headed to the playground are for some fun with picnic tables. As YHC got the speaker ready and claimed it was VERY loud. And apparently, I had turned the volume way low, so the Pax felt deceived. A simple adjustment and we were good.

Tabata step ups

Tabata Dips.

The Dips are terrible. May be the worst Tabata exercise I could’ve thought of. Definitely will do this again.

We headed up the path towards the service road. About 1/3 of the way there, YHC called 50 squats OYO. When finished, we moseyed over to the softball field parking lot.

Burpee Dans

1:4 burpees, lunge walks single count.

We did these together up to 5:20. Then back down until we got to the speaker at 3:12.

I had a small Playlist from my 90s upbringing. Brought back some memories of cassette tapes and recording songs off of the radio. We also learned a tip when wanting to talk on the landlines with that long winding cord. I guess a skill we will use if we ever lose cell phone technology. Then

Tabata LBCs

It was time to start our way back to the Flag, on the way back we stopped for 50 squats again. YHC then pulled the 0ax over for some more Tabatas

Tabata Merkens.

Arms and shoulders were smoked. We had a little ways to go and stopped once again for 50 squats. Finishing up at the Flag.


I thanks the group for taking the drive out to Tom Sawyer ITG. We tried to discover some new areas, but as CI stated, we could’ve stayed in one place and wouldn’t have know the difference with the darkness.

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