1/27 Backblast #TheHurt: Face’s Mutt VQ Brought The Reps..And A Slide Whistle


Q: Face (YHC)

Pax: Buschhhh, Zartan, KV, Diablo, Bumblebee, Hobbs, Moonlight, Old Bay, Whamo, Gipetto, Snowman, Dorn, Spreadsheet, Spinal Tap, Turine, Tiger, Digorno, Waterboy, Country Boy, Backdraft,

Weather: 49 degrees, light-ish mist, no wind…perfection.

Attire (for Zoo): Nike Combat tights, highlighter yellow Newbies, Asics socks, F3Louisville tshirt, Nike golf pullover, Mechanixwear gloves, Mudgear Tac Hat with stealth flag patch…and a smile.

When YHC planned this beat down,  he didn’t anticipate CI calling an audible for a 6:00am ruck workout, but what the hell.  There wasn’t anything else going on and he hadn’t done anything “idiotic” per the M this week, so there was clearly room for improvement.  YHC also realized that it was 9 weeks until Spring Break…time to get the guns ready for the 30A madness.  This meant reps…and lots of them.

Disclaimers were given, excuses were refused, and we were off….and happy to see Country Boy pulling a Tiger and coming in hot at 07:00:30.  3/4 lap around the school to the COP.


  • 20 SSH IC
  • 10 Merkins IC
  • 20 Plank Jacks IC
  • 20 Imperial Walkers IC
  • Annies (floor cleaners) until Q stops..this was popular however Spinal Tap refused to call them anything but Miagi’s.  Not in my dojo buddy.
  • 20 LBCs IC

Yog a lap around the school and down to the Coupon Lair

  • 5 Wall Jumps before each Pax grabs a coupon, mosey to portico and set coupons aside

The Thang 1– Dora The Overachiever: Partner Up

Alternate P1 run and do 20 SSH at other side of parking lot, P2 performs (additive):

  • 100 Merkins
  • 150 Flutter Kicks
  • 200 Air Squats
  • 250 LBCs

When finished, keep moving…your choice.  When all complete, one lap around the school and back to line up single file for….

The Thang 2– Coupon Stations (4 cones).  Count off in 4s, grab coupons and disperse to cones by number.

2 Rounds, 45 sec at each station.  At the slide whistle, hard mosey to the next.

  • Station 1: Curls
  • Station 2: Bench Press
  • Station 3: Rows
  • Station 4: OH Press

Take coupons back to their lair

  • 5 Wall Jumps and plank for the 6

One more lap around the school, back to where we did the COP.

Circle Up for Some Mary

  • 20 Freddie Mercuries
  • 20 Gas Pumps
  • 11 LBFCs (Lil baby flutter crunches…thank God no one was watching…other than God)
  • 20 Rosalitas
  • 20 LBCs

One last lap back to the flag

COR and NOR….21 strong HIMs, a hell of a showing.  Hobbs called the six and explained that his overly-complementary name was given by KV who, regardless of his own name, was unaware that your name should induce rage, embarrassment, and possibly regret (ex. YHC).  Announcements were made and we all remembered to keep Star Child’s family in our prayers.  Right as we were about to finish, Waterboy rolled back up and asked that we use the power of the 3rd (or was it second) F…whichever one helps people…to assist the ladies at the school load KV’s KV with items for VIP night.  The Pax being what they are, accepted the request and showed some of our school’s great volunteers exactly what happens when you ask a HIM for help….shit gets done!

Thank you to the Mutt crew for non-physically embracing my Q and allowing me to serve a good old fashioned bowl of beat down for breakfast.  Here’s to taking what we’ve learned about ourselves and each other and dominating another day.

Face Out

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