Back Blast from the O – The worst back blast ever

Top of the morn’.

Nickelback (great to see you back), Red Roof , Mayberry, Hooday, Scratch, Nugget, Sea Bass, Cutlass, Captain Insano, Butcher, FNG – dubbed Old Butcher, Little Jerry at the Q

COP – 25 SSH, 15 Grass Grabbers, 17 IW, 17 Merkins

Thang 1 – Mosey and Indian Run with a Jack Webb Mary (big boy sit-ups and LBC’s) on our way to the bar…

Thang 2 – The bar

Thang 3 – Mosey, Indian Run and Billy Run back

Thang between – Somewhere around 17 sets of 17 Merkins along the way.  I forget how many

Oh yeah, did I say bar?  Well maybe that’s why I can’t remember how many Merkins.  Buschhhhh and Vincent Q’d at the Mutt.  Buschhhhh had this great idea to join the 1st and 2nd F by uniting both PAX promptly at 7:30 at Molly Malone’s for a Guinness.  Now the O PAX did arrive earlier and knocked out 117 Burpees (not) while waiting.  We all threw one back (except for Sea Bass – sorry) and did 5 Bropees (I think).  Instead of ending with the Louisville Clap, you end with a high five from the other PAX.

Thanks to Buschhhhh and Vincent for orchestrating a fond F3 St. Patty’s Day toast.  Pictures were taken that will be published in the Mutt Back Blast.  I’m thinking maybe we need to serve beer at the convergence?????

Lastly, I received a high complement with mention that aside from the timeout for the beer, we were moving the entire time.  I also know that modifications were made as necessary.  So in the end, 12 PAX got better together and thanks to Buschhhhh and Vincent, we also had a great visit with the Mutt PAX.



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