Poshlands backblast

I was worried about the turnout today but in typical F3 Louisville fashion, the PAX showed up.  Thank you Bob Ross, PK, Boozer, FNG Arobey (R) , Abacus, Kilo, Ratchet, Nickleback, Glaucoma, Banana Bread.  Little Jerry at the Q.

COP – 15 Grass Grabbers IC followed by 100 SSH IC.  I mentioned midway through that I hit 100 posts last week.

Mary Webb – 1 BBS per 4 LBC’s (55 BBS’s and 210 LBC’s)

Mosey to the center of the Egg Lawn for some partners work.  300 Merkins (partner 1 from center to the perimeter while the other does Merkins).  200 Squats in the same manner.

Mosey back for coupon work.  6 sets of 20 – 30 reps ala Kilo.  He mentioned halfway through that 20 reps wasn’t enough.  Each set included curls, presses, freedom curls, rows, squats.

Finished with Mary – 25 Rosalitas IC, 25 LBC’s IC.  PAX had to remind me we were out of time.

Thanks Abacus – We started early with a 6 mile black ops run before all the rest of the fun started.

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