Seabass/Methane tag team at The Ruiner

Lot of surprises today. With one Q needed for YHC to qualify for IronHorse, Seabass was gracious enough to let me co-Q. We also had a surprise guest from Charlotte, The Godfather, KY! Last surprise…… rain!

Co-Qs: Methane & Seabass

Pax: Red Roof, KY, Nugget, Bean Counter, Gillespie, Who Dey

Methane took the reigns and moseyed to the tennis courts



Abe Vagotas 19 IC

Imperial Walkers 18 IC

Plank Jacks 17 IC

Mountain Climbers 16 IC

We moseyed over to the restrooms, but did not get a rest……

Thing 1

Split into 2 groups, 1 group did 10 jump ups while the other group did 10 dips on the picnic tables. We then switched, rinse and repeated for 4 minutes. We then did the same setup with American Hammers and Wall Taps, for 4 minutes.

Then we moseyed back to the tennis courts for more fun…

Thing 2

At The tennis courts we did a Triple Nickel. 5 Merkins at one end of the courts, Bernie Sanders across 4 courts to do 5 Davinci’s and sprint back. This was completed 5 times.

Methane then kicked it over to Seabass, who proved why he is a HIYM (High Impact Young Man)

Thing 3

Seabass took the Pax to Cogan’s Hill for some DORA. We partnered up for 100 Merkins, 200 Squats and 300 LBCs. While P1 did the exercise, P2 bear crawled about halfway up the hill and moseyed back down. Methane realized at this point he was just the warmup band…

Thing 4

The Pax moseyed back to the tennis courts and circled up for some Duck-Duck-F3. One pax called out an exercise that the group would perform while they circled the group with any means of transport they desired. YHC lost count of all the exercises. And since we had and out of town visitor we finished with Jack Webb!!


We prayed for our fellow brothers who are traveling and out of town and wished everyone a wonderful weekend with their families. Thanks again Seabass, you impress the he!! out of me!


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