WE FOUND THE MOUNTAIN BackBlast @ Norton Commons – 10/19/2018

20 PAX (2 FNG’s) came out to Pleasantville for Uncle Rico’s beat down.  Needless to say I finally found the mountain that Norton Commons so graciously created.  Didn’t realize Pleasantville had already started showing signs of winter.  I gave the PAX the disclaimer and we were off.

PAX: Q Uncle Rico

Airplane, Pork Chop, Fergie, Viking, Grinder, Short Sale (FNG), Sanka, Launch Pad (R), Black Lung (F3 Nashville), Milton, Plumb Bob, Swifty, Chili Dog, Alexa, Meter Maid, Mud Bug, Junk Mail (FNG), Gru, MudBug, Drumroll.

Mosey – High Knees, Carioca, Butt Kicks
16 SSH
16 Imperial Walkers
16 Grass Grabbers
5 BOYO’s
Mosey Again – Stop – Bolt 45’s and 20 Monkey Humpers (Chicks Dig IT)
Mosey Again – Stop – 3 Count Merkins
Mosey Back to Base to start the Thang

The THANG – Counted off into 2 Groups – Each Step of Amphitheater added 5 to exercise

Thang 1 – Group 1 w/ Coupons                                                         Group 2

5 ManMakers                                                                  5 – 4 Count Freddie Mercuries
10 Worst Merkins Ever                                                 10 Big Boy SitUps
15 Shoulder Taps                                                            15 Box Cutters
20 Shoulder Press                                                           20 Pickle Pounders (Of Course)
25 Step Ups                                                                       25 Gas Pumps
30 Elf on the Shelves                                                       30 Doggie Paddle
35 Carolina DryDocks                                                     35 American Hammers
40 Squats                                                                            40 JLo’s


After both teams completed the Mountain Obstacles we partnered up to show off our GUNS.

2 Rounds Each
Partner 1- 21’s w/ Coupon
Partner 2 – LBC’s AMRAP

Circled Up and gave intentions and welcomed FNG’s Short Sale and Junk Mail as well as Black Lung from F3 Nashville.  Grinder had some exciting news (MORE TO COME) and closed with an Our Father.

Thank you to PAX who came out.  UNCLE RICO OUT.


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