Bridge BackBlast 10/17-Maxi VQ

Sixteen PAX ventured bravely into unknown territory ITG for my VQ.

Q: Maxi

PAX (thanks to Methane’s memory; more on that later):  Jitterbug (R), Double Down (R), Iceman (R), Gypsy, Bob Ross, Ladybird, Pedals (FNG), Dynomite!, Layers, Lube Job, Methane, Forced Close, Retainer, Glauc, Huggies

If I missed any “respects” above, I apologize.

Stumbled through a disclaimer because I was suffering from VQ brain.  With the temperature barely at 40 and much to the surprise of a few PAX, we did a mosey to the fountain.

Circled up upon arrival.  Completed 20 SSH.  The original plan was 15, but due to VQ brain, I forgot to change my voice to insinuate ending at 15.  VQ brain struck yet again when we began IWs.  I literally practiced counting the night before in my head.  Oops.  Started over with successful cadence.  After 20 IW (to match my previous VQ brain moment with SSHs), we stretched our calves with a downward dog.  From that, transitioned into a cobra.

Thang 1

I call this “Meaningful Mary”, which is doing Mary first (inspired by a Nino workout) because by the end of the workout, we may not put as much into the exercises.

Reps: We worked up through four ab excecises starting with 5, then 10, then 15 and back down to 10, then 5.

The excercises were: Supermans, Dolly, BB sit-ups, and Gas Pumps

Mosey back to the base of the bridge closest to the fountain for….

Thang 1.5

PAX to their 6 about five feet apart lined going up the bridge with legs hanging over curb from the calf down as if their feet were 6-10 inches off the ground (though it was just air because of the curb).  Maybe we can call this Indian Duck Duck Goose? PAX closest to the fountain gets up and pushes down the feet of each PAX as they run by.  When PAX pushing down feet gets about halfway, they yell go so the next PAX can get to the thang.  When PAX gets to the end, the lay on their 6 and participate by having their feet pushed down.   We did this once through, then mosey over the bridge to….

Thang 2

Partner up.

One partner does a bridge exercise while the other is doing a stationary exercise at the bottom.

Bridge exercises: Lunge to first cone, bear crawl to second cone, Mario down to the other side of the bridge then Jog back to the start to relieve partner and take up a stationary excercise.

Stationary exercises: Squats, Curb dips, LBCs, Air Presses.

With 5 minutes left, did a mosey to the pavillion where we completed 20 jump ups & 20 each of incline/decline merkins.

Circled up, counted off, did name-o-rama (got to the 7, Gypsy, and my phone pooped out from the cold).  Gypsy told us how he got his name, even though Glauc was the 6.  Sorry to break the rules, I was curious!  Announcements were made.  Brought it in for intentions.  Told the PAX a little bit about how F3 has had an impact.  Closed us in prayer to the Heavenly Father.

Thanks to everyone who came out to support my first Q!

-Maximus Padimus

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