Sojourn Heavy BO BB: Warm Hugs

Pax: Face and Zartan (co-Qs)

Conditions: clear sky and chilly.

Gearlander: NB kicks, Nike Elite socks pulled high, LuLu short shorts and Patagonia base layer and TAc Hat

When I pulled up at 0525 to only see Face’s rig I had a feeling our numbers may be low today. Shockingly my thought proved right as the 2 of us, who agreed to co-Q in CIs absence, set off on our heavy beatdown.

Face started us of with 3 laps around the side parking lot to get the blood flowing and the body temp up.

When we got back I started up the 10yr old pop playlist chalked full with Miley Cyrus and Avril Lavigne songs and we started our 30lb ruck plate circuit. Here’s what we did.

8 plate Halos in each direction

10 overhead tricep presses

10 goblin squats

10 sec count with plate fully extended from chest – sucks

10 chest press

10 plate rows with each hand

We did 9 reps of this circuit with one run around the church somewhere in the middle.

With 10 minutes left we did rotating Mary work with 15 single it IC counts of each

LBC, Rosalita, flutter kicks, box cutters, OJ one legged flutter kick 6inch thing (woof) for each leg, Lil Baby Flutter Kicks, V Ups, Boat and Canoe, Gas pumps, Big Boys, J Lo’s and maybe 1 or 2 more I am forgetting.

Followed by fastest COR, NOR and COT ever. Since there was only two of us our COT looked like this.

Nothing like warm hugs on a cold morning

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