BB – Goshen BO – 5/19/22 – Meter Maid Q

This morning I brought all the potted plants, all the sandbags/filler bags and a few rucks to Goshen. If you haven’t made it out, I highly recommend it. It is only a matter of time before this becomes an official AO.

Started with a disclaimer and then we moseyed to the back parking lot for COP. Exercises included 5 inch worm merkins OYO, nuclears (starting from 5), which they learned about on Tuesday from Lambeau. Then, I did some strict runners stretch and dropped into cobra. Then, did arm circles and finished with Michael Phelps.

Explained the 19 stations and turned on the music featuring all Tom Petty. Pax did each exercise until failure and took a short lap. Those exercises included stein hold, punch out, bent over flys, squat press, curls (potted plants and sandbags), halos, American hammers, benchpress, uneven farmer carry, manmakers, bent over rows, sandbag overhead shoulder to shoulder, bear hug squats, ruck merkins, ruck squats and rucking with 65 pounds. Also had kettlebell swing and a coupon for jump over burpees but not sure any pax did that exercise.

I woke up early to get setup for their first potted plant workout. We had 11 PAX (Sewanee, Spaz, Maytag, Gopher, Viking, Layover, Lambeau, Flexseal, Twister, Virginia Slims and Meter Maid (Q)). With about 5 minutes left in the workout we had someone drive up and ask about it. I suspect he will be back at a future date.

Toward the end circled up for Mary with Flutter Kicks IC and Preacher sit-ups. Then, we moseyed to the flag and did a short plank until time was called.

Shows the ground covered…YHC send up with 2 miles.

Concluded with COR, NOR, announcements, intentions, prayer and Our Father.

Always humbled to lead,

-Meter Maid

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