Backblast 5/19/22 Fungi Q The Agony at The County

Weather : warmish but foggy – perfect for the gloom

Attendance: Dauber, Big Bird, Double Pump, Uncle Sam, Giselle, Devitto, StormTrooper, Pelican, Cochran, Fungi Q

COP: Lap around campus with this at 1/2 point: SSH 20 IC, Imperial Walkers 10 IC, Grass Grabbers 10 IC, Downward Dog Stretches, Kendra Newman’s.

Main Thang: Ladder with the Following:

Coupon Swing, Coupon Squat, Curl, Overhead press, skull crusher, row, incline merkins, 5 second count, sprint 100 yds and mosey back.

Seemed like 7-10 rungs was the norm

Finished with 13 Nolan Ryan’s each side

Announcements : props to Double Pump for jumping right in and being awesome (Bird), Monthly ruck, Dare to Care (still need people Saturday) and County fair all coming up. Mens Bible study in Eagles Nest on Wed nights (see Devitto)

Intension: All unspoken

It was great to Q again. Sometimes you need a fresh start. Nothing is so great it can’t be improved. If you need to modify, now is the time. Lean on the pax for accountability.


– Fungi

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