BB- Blacks Ops PT Training at O – Meter Maid Q

I agreed to Q earlier this week. I had drawn up a plan last tonight to do 11s on the tennis court and run with our rucks around a short track. I wasn’t sure what the numbers would be given all of the other options for Friday morning. One things for sure it was hot (75 degrees) when it started.

Sump Pump arrived a few minute early. He had said that he was planning to Q it before I stepped up. I opened up with a disclaimer and decided to modify my original plan since it was only the two of us.

It provided an opportunity to discuss all kinds of topics from kids, sports, scouting, and gaming including the last arcade expo.

Every couple of lights we would stop to do a different PT exercise that each one of us called out. Some of these included merkins, weighted big boys, squats, flutter kicks, calf raises, step ups, t merkins, and plank jacks. If you are going to do the GrowRuck make sure to invest in a hip and sternum strap. Even with mine, I about rearranged my head with my ruck sack on the plank jacks.

One of the last exercises was ruck suicides. It carrying our ruck to a pole and run back and then carry to the next pole and run back.

We had some extra time after the 45 minutes and decided to take another ruck lap around the O loop. All in all, we had lots of great PT, 3.5 ruck miles and great mumble chatter.

Always humbled to lead,

-Meter Maid

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