BB Long Run Park Black Ops 01/22/20 –

I love new locations to work out at. So many options and possibilities. Meeting new PAX and reconnecting with longtime PAX. That is a part of F3 that I love. I highly encourage everyone to check out Long Run Park. Great location and a great group of HIMs!!

This morning was cold (17°) so I new I had to bring the heat.



Flip Flop

Uncle Sam (RR)

Methane (Q)

We moseyed up the road and circled up for COP.

SSH 20

Abe Vigota’s 15

Imperial Walkers 20

Kendra Newman’s

We headed back to the tennis courts to play some 4 corners.


Run around the perimeter of the tennis courts and do 10 reps of an exercise at each corner. We went around 4 times:

Rd 1- Jump Squat

Rd 2- Merkin

Rd 3- Groiners

Rd 4- LBCs

Then we grabbed some coupons a headed to the basketball court.


We would do an exercise and then run up and back. Then we repeated the first exercise and added another. We built it up and then we unpacked it back down to the first exercise, like so….

– 5 hand over merkins (double count on the coupon) run back and forth

– Add 10 tricep curls, run

– Add 15 bicep curls, run

– Add 20 weighted squats, run (note: some wise guy asked what a weighted squat was!)

– Unpack each layer all the way back down to the 5 hand over merkins… ouch.

Things 3&4

We circled up for name your own Mary and then ended with Bear-crawl to half court, Bernie Sanders Back, then a Mario full court and Bernie Sanders back, 3 times

Circled around the flag for intentions, Uncle Sam travels.

It is truly an honor to lead a workout and I still get excited when I get to Q. So come out to Long Run Park and I’ll SYITG!

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